September 23, 2023


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YouTube now with mini-player for desktop browsers


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YouTube users who watch videos on their computers will now watch with ease with the new in-browser mini-players available for desktop users.
The tool, which was released earlier this month, allows people to continue playing a video they’re already watching while browsing for another one. It is similar to Facebook’s video player, which minimizes and moves to the side of your News Feed while you continue to scroll down the page.
You can exit out of the mini-player by hitting the “x” or escape keys on the keyboards and can control playlists, queues, play the next video directly through the minimized video. This will allow you to continue playing the video while looking for another video. It makes watching video easier and more efficient.
To use the mini-player, hover over the bottom of the video, and use the icons in the right-hand corner to select mini-player. 

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