September 23, 2023


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Facebook takes down 95 pages and 39 accounts


The social media platform, Facebook issued a statement on Monday (Oct.22)that it has closed down 95 pages and 39 accounts in the Philippines linked to marketing groups believed to be promoting low quality websites that contain little substantive content and are full of disruptive ads, misrepresentation, violating its spam and authenticity policy.

The ages removed included pages like Duterte Media, Duterte sa Pagbabago BUKAS, Duterte Phenomenon, DDS, DU30 Trending News, News Media Trends, Bossing Vic, Pilipinas Daily News, Like and Win, Manang Imee and Karlo Probinsiyano.

Facebook said that the pages and accounts were deleted for posting spam rather than the “type of content they were posting.”

“These pages ranged from political to entertainment content but were all sharing the same advertising click farms off Facebook,” they added.

“We don’t want this kind of behavior and we are investing heavily on both people and technology to keep bad content off our services,” Facebook said.

They said that they have doubled the number of people this year to 20,000 to ensure safety and security on the platform.

“This take down is a small step in the right direction, and we will continue working to find and remove more bad content,” it said.

One of the pages taken down had 4.8 million followers.  

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