September 23, 2023


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Lapeña changes statement, believes magnetic lifters contained shabu


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MANILA, Philippines –  “Talagang may nakalusot nga. But of course, ito ay, it was a very sophisticated way of shipment ng mga drug syndicates (There really were drugs that got in , but of course, it was a very sophisticated way of shipment of the drug syndicates). And these are the things that we want to discover, and we want to be able to remedy in the future,” Customs chief Isidro Lapeña said. 

After weeks of denial Lapeña finally admitted this and submitted to what the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) said that the magnetic lifters found in Cavite contained shabu.
Asked by Antipolo 2nd District Rep. Romeo Acop during the lawmakers probe into the case of the missing one ton of shabu worth P6.8 billion on Wednesday, October 24. Lapeña said, “with this development, I will tend to believe, indeed, there was a content that has been peddled by this group, this drug syndicate.”  
This was after DPWH Director Toribio Noel Ilao examined the lifters showing their hollow portion was too wide to lift metals, while one of its sides was thinly wielded and would easily break if used to lift heavy metals.
Lapeña said Ilao’s testimony was new information that led him to believe there was shabu inside the magnetic lifters.
With this admission, Lapeña does not want to say that there is connivance among Customs officials, only naming intelligence officer Jimmy Guban as the one who appears to be involved in the smuggling of shabu.

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