September 23, 2023


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2 dead after bitten by cobra in Compostela Valley

(Photo from RTV ONe Mindanao)
A 59 year old woman  and a 2 year old boy died  from King Cobra bite in a separate incident in Monkayo, Compostela Valley, Thursday Oct. 25.
The victims were identified as Estelita Espinosa and Brylle Andersan.
According to Estelita’s daughter that her mother was bitten by the cobra while it was fetching water and was still able to walk home. She said that Estelita fell unconscious after asking for medicine from her sister but died after a few hours.
While Elena Andersan the mother of Brylle said that she was carrying him when one of its slippers fell. When she placed her son on the ground to get the slipper, the cobra was already in front of them and suddenly bit the child.
Brylle was immediately brought to the barangay hall for treatment but due to lack of medicine and equipment the child died.
Residents said that 3 other people died due to King Cobra bite in their place and they appeal to the local government to create a team of medical repsonders in their area to prevent deaths caused by cobra bites.
The Department of Environment and Natural Resources issued a warning that capturing cobras should only be done by experts.(ANT)

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