December 4, 2023


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The new sleek sophistication: the new BRAVIA OLED A9F


(The new sleek Sony Bravia OLED A9F)

The living space is the entertainment zone for families. Television remains to be the
focal point of home entertainment, making it the centerpiece in every living room. This
area represents a space for family bonding and get-togethers, to be in the know, and
be entertained when you want to binge on a good TV series at the end of a long day, or
perhaps just a weekend getaway right at your couch.  Television is what we switch on
so that we can switch to relaxation and amusement. 
Find the right balance between advancement of technology and luxe design
sophistication with the new BRAVIA OLED A9F. Pictures and sound come together in
perfect harmony as the OLED screen and MASTER Series Technology brings in
realistic entertainment on this 4K OLED HDR TV. Integrate functionality with style to
demonstrate comfort, elegance, and entertainment with a TV which blends well with
your living room space.


The BRAVIA OLED A9F’s aesthetics came from SONY’s passion to designing a multi-
functional TV in style. The sleek and classic design would complement your living room
entertainment space and turn the TV into a modern stylish furnishing. Make your A9F
the rightful dominant feature, while seamlessly blending it into the overall living room
aesthetic. Whether it is switched on or switched off, the A9F is crafted with a glass like
feature that exudes a commanding presence. Experience true colors when turned on,
the picture emerges with vivid real-world colors courtesy of the TRILUMINOS Display
that maps colors from a wider palette, faithfully reproducing every shade and hue in the

The BRAVIA OLED A9F meets the strict criteria of top SONY engineers to hone
beautiful images into reality that is at par with its physical design that would surely make
your home more stylish and modern. It exudes minimalism styled with softness: the
screen being a single slate with only a stand in the back to hold it up. The picture quality
features OLED as display device with Pixel Contrast Booster; eight million self-
illuminating pixels and Sony-original panel controller for OLED brings a significantly
enriched visual experience with unprecedented black, authentic color and a wide
viewing angle for your entertainment pleasure.
The Sony A9F Master series TV will be available in the Philippines starting October.

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