September 23, 2023


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Boracay (Photo from the net)

Parties are back in Boracay despite ban

Parties are back on the island despite the regulations and guidelines that were set against partying out doors with loud music, smoking and drinking alcohol within the no-build zone.
Just days after Boracay was reopened, some tourists and business establishments went against these regulations set by the Boracay Interagency Task Force to help protect and preserve the island.
The new regulations of the island include the regulation of building sandcastles and the prohibition of  the use of kerosene lamps and bonfires.
Tourists were even given oaths that a tourist promises to ensure the preservation and sustainable development of Boracay and observe environmental laws and regulations.  
Not only are the parties back on the island but the pickpockets and petty thieves are too.
Malay police is monitoring gangs for their alleged involvement in theft on the island.  According to police’s initial investigation the gang members are from Kalibo and Iloilo and believed to have entered the island before it opened last Oct. 26.
Two suspects were arrested earlier this week when an Italian tourist, who was with his Filipina girlfriend, lost his wallet in front of a restaurant on Oct. 26 which contained his cards and cash of $60 and around P15,000.

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