September 23, 2023


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INDIA: Man-eating tigress hunted and killed


(Photo courtesy of Indian Forestry Department)
For 2 years the 6 year-old tigress had evaded capture and hid in the jungles of Maharashtra, on the western side of India. It has been reported to have killed 13 people before it was killed during a major.
Last October, perfume was released by wildlife officials to attract the animal. Then a team armed with a tranquilizer gun and a firearm was posted in a vehicle on a road where the tigress, known as T-1, was seen roaming by villagers.
Friday evening the patrol team went to an area near Borati village were T-1 was seen. A tranquilizer dart was fired at the animal and suddenly it charged towards the vehicle and she was killed by a single shot from a distance of between 26-33 feet.
Activists did a campaign to save the tiger from being hunted and killed, but India’s Supreme Court said it would not interfere if forest rangers were forced to shoot it. 
A post mortem examination will be done to T-1.

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