September 23, 2023


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UPDATE: Landslide in Natonin, Mt. Province


(Photo courtesy of the Natonin Municipal Police Station)
A total of 14 bodies have been recovered at the DPWH building in the landslide site in Natonin, Mt. Province on Friday, Nov. 2, and one of those recovered was just a torso.
Four of the identified dead were residents of Sitio Ha’rang in Barangay Banawel while the rest were workers from two construction firms.
 DPWH identified the dead as Virginia Catet, Juanito Longan,  John Tinmakcheg and Benito Longan who were all from the area. The other bodies that were recovered were of  Elberto Botco from RAF,  Gregorio Castro, Joel Arevalo, and Jun Jun Laron from Moment Diagram.
A local resident named Juventino Lammawen was the only one rescued so far while his neighbors JR Gollingoy and Jupiter Pakyod of RAF Construction were able to escape before the building was totally covered in thick mud.
According to 77th Infantry Battalion that 3 of the dead and two of the missing were members of the CAFGU Active Auxiliary (CAA) under Alfa Company.  They were said to be working part time as construction workers for RAF since they are only in service as CAFGU for half a month.
They were identified as CAA  CAA Linang Pallichang, Leobel Orchilion, and CAA Jonathan Ngilin. The 77th IB were not able to identify the two missing but said that all 5 were on leave.
About 20 are still unaccounted for and believed to be residents of the area that sought shelter in the building.

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