December 4, 2023


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China: News agency debuts AI news anchor


(Screenshot of the broadcast)
The  Xinhua News Agency of China unveils its artificial intelligence news anchor on Wednesday, Nov. 7.
The state-run media aims to bring a “brand new” experience to audience in providing the latest news and information.
The “AI anchor” is modeled after one of its actual presenters named Qiu Hao.

 “Not only can I accompany you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. I can be endlessly copied and present at different scenes to bring you the news,” the AI says
According to the South China Morning Post, Xinhua said its new AI anchors have officially become members of the Xinhua News Agency reporting team.
Meanwhile the news agency said that AI anchors may one day “challenge” their human counterparts because of their ability to work 24 hours a day as long as human editors keep inputting text into the system.

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