September 23, 2023


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Sara Duterte raises hands of both mayoral candidates of Pasay City


(Congw. Calixto_Rubiano/Facebook)
Davao City Mayor and Presidential daughter Sara Duterte created an online debate between supporters of both mayoralty bets for the City of Pasay when she raised both Emi Calixto-Rubiano and Chet Cuneta’s hands.
In a Facebook post on November 9, Rubiano, the incumbent congresswoman if Pasay City posted a picture where the mayor and the leader of the regional party Hugpong ng Pagababago, was raising her hand.
(Sharon Cuneta/Instagram)
On November 10, the megastar Sharon Cuneta posted on Instagram her pictures with brother Chet and Sara, and one of the photos showed Sara raising the hand of Chet with a signed note that read, “Si Chet Cuneta po ang tunay na mayor natin sa Pasay City.” 
(Sharon Cuneta/Instagram)
In Philippine politics, raising the hands of candidates means giving support and endorsement of influential personalities.

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