September 22, 2023


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Kris Aquino didn’t get role in US tv show


Kris Aquino/Instagram

Kris Aquino announced on her Instagram post that she didn’t get the “sexy bartender” role she auditioned for in an American tv series.
“My ‘shoot for the moon’ audition for the role in a US series went to an Asian-American actress,” she said, not mentioning the name of the show.
Aquino also shared that her sons, particularly Bimby, did not like the role: “Mahirap talag pag hindi boto ang anak ko – especially Bimb. The role was for a sassy, sarcastic, sexy bartender (truth, I know, hindi bagay). But I was ready to take a mixology crash course.”

“I don’t drink alcohol at all because of my hypertension, anti-anxiety, multivitamin, vitamin D, and iron supplement, and most importantly, the 4 different antihistamines taken as daily maintenance.”

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