December 8, 2023


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by Ka Bino Guerrero

When I got invited to join, I was a bit hesitant first to say YES for I may be a storyteller but I am very weak when it comes to writing.
Ask my classmates in high school, they will tell you, “Ay si Balbino, maayo raman na sya mo estorya, beh pasulata be gakamuritsing” (most of the people who call me Balbino are my clasmates most of whom are from Negros).
I even had a run-in with my Science teacher, no not that I don’t get her lessons, it just that nothing could be found in my science notebook but siblings and keywords. Then after leaving school, most of my work doesn’t really require me to write. As a tour guide (the longest job I’ve had) thought I crafted my own tour commentaries/ spiels, most were constructed, edited, updated, re-edited all in my mind, and never written on paper.
I went into broadcast media, when one Sunday Dir. Ahmed Cuizon of LTFRB 3 invited me to guest in his radio show then, I came back the next Sunday, and many Sunday that lasted for almost 4 years, till he got appointed as Regional Director of LTFRB7. I wasn’t required to write, I wrote some poems but it was in Cebuano. I was never a writer. I am a Storyteller.

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