September 23, 2023


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Catriona Gray/Lillian Suwanrhumpa AFP

Catriona Gray’s national costume to the Miss Universe in Chonburi, Thailand was a collaboration among Gray, designer Jearson Demavivas, artist Carlos Buendia, and shoe designer Jojo Bragais, it consisted of a T’boli headdress and brass accessories to represent Mindanao, a nude bodysuit with intricate Pintados pattern to represent Visayas, and a large parol piece to represent Luzon.

According to Gray, the parol was handmade fiber glass in Pampanga, was supposed to have light effects that were timed and synchronized.

She also shared that it was not meant to affect her stage walk as much as it did on Monday night.

“The parol itself was really heavy. That’s why we put wheels. I was initially supposed to carry it, but the weight was just too heavy, and it was on my shoulders. So we decided to put it on wheels.”

“The wheels we prepared were for a flat floor, or a tiled floor, or a wooden floor. Just a smooth floor. And I didn’t expect that the floor for the national costume competition would be [carpeted], so when I walked on the carpet, the wheels weren’t running smoothly, and it was really, really hard to pull. That is why it was a little bit difficult to pull my costume.”

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