December 4, 2023


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OPAV’s Dino rides chopper to the CR?


UPDATED – Is it really Office of the Presidential Assistant for the Visayas Secretary Michael Dino who rode a chopper just to use the toilet of Philsports Arena (Ultra) in Pasig City? This has been a question asked by some netizens who saw the post published at’s official Facebook account Tuesday. The photos came from a netizen, who refused to be named, who told NewsPh that he saw Dino arrive at the arena at around 11 a.m. Tuesday while a sports competition was being held. The sender said a chopper landed in the said sports complex in Pasig causing the ongoing tournament of the Department of Education to stop. A video sent by a parent of one of the athletes shows a white chopper (RP C1010) lands at the arena and shortly after a guy alights from it. The same guy approaches and talks to a guard at the grounds. It appears that the guy on the chopper is asking something from the guard, who points to a direction of what the sender of the video revealed was the arena’s comfort room. The guy walks back to the chopper to get Dino, who marches to the arena grounds and straight to the CR. The video ends there. “Hello, a chopper landed in ULTRA Pasig at around 11 am today and stopped the ongoing sports meet of DEPED. VIP apparently just used the restroom. and the chopper took off again,” read the message of the sender.

As of 7:00 p.m., the photos gained 700 shares, 541 likes and 140 comments.Netizens said it has been typical of Dino since he was appointed OPAV chief in 2016 to use government resources to his advantage. Ashram Presas said “in Cebu when traffic is a stand still.. complete with 2 SUV’s tailing.. a typical occurence and always does counterflow.”

OPAV through Assistant Secretary Jonji Gonzales has already issued a statement regarding the incident.

“Sec. Dino was headed for Batangas to lead the launching of Malasakit Center there.
The 20th since it first opened in Cebu and inaugurated by no less than the President. Dropped by to picked up the other passengers and while waiting for the other passengers to board chopper he went to the restroom.
The day before he was in the Lung Center in Quezon City to launch the 19th Malasakit Center.During the last SONA the President ordered the nationwide roll out of Malasakit Center.” He said.

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