December 10, 2022


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Ashley Abad

Ashley Abad (internet picture)


By Tonton Alcos Antogop

Even if it may cost their lives, the Abad family vowed to seek justice for Ashley Abad. Their message to Nel Spencer Tiu, “Nel Spencer Tiu, we say this to you; we will bravely stay and fight and guard the legal process ferociously, even with our lives, until justice is truly served.”

Their strong message, a copy of which they furnished to came as the family and the Cebu City Police Office has already filed homicide case against Tiu and his cohorts yesterday at the Cebu City Prosecutors Office.

Benny Abad, the spokesman of the Abad family provided a copy of the one-page message.

The family said that their fight is not only for Ashley but to all of the youth who fell prey to drugs- betrayal and deception included.

“Today marks the beginning of our fight for justice not only for Ashley’s death, but also for the youth who may fall prey to drugs, betrayal and deception.”

The Abad family and Tiu’s were described as “closed” before the tragic incident last January 19 where Ashey was found to have ingested “ecstasy” and died because of its “overdosed.”

President Duterte earlier revealed that the ecstasy was in the possession of Ashley even prompting her (Ashley) allegedly in texting a friend that they share a pill as another one was reserved for Nel Spencer.

The “shocking statement” from Pres. Duterte prompted the Tiu family (please read separate story) of possibly requesting Pres. Duterte to testify in their favor.

The Abad family for their part said about their faith in the justice system, daring Spencer and his cohorts not to hide behind “wealth and influence.”

The family of Nel Spencer owns a fine dining restaurant and also have several boutiques.


“As the wheels of justice start to grind, we express faith in our justice system that Nel Spencer and his cohorts will be made accountable for their actions and dare them not to hide behind the phony skirt of wealth and influence,” the statement of the Abad family said.

Ashley and Nel Spencer went to a pre-Sinulog festival music and dance party in the Cebu Business Park where Ashley took the ecstasy that caused her to collapsed.

She was brought later to a hospital and died a day after. An autopsy by the crime laboratory confirmed the earlier diagnosis of her attending physician that indeed she died of drug overdose, which the crime lab experts concluded was the party drug, “ecstasy.”