May 16, 2022


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Duterte and clerical child abuses


by Oscar Quiambao


Pope Francis says you’re a friend of the Devil if you constantly attack the Holy Roman Catholic Church, like Duterte. For all we know, Duterte is the Devil Incarnate himself given how he has only three words to those who earned his ire: “Putang Ina Mo!”

Duterte is certainly missing the bigger picture here. He has toned the attack on the Church’s misdeeds too personal by resorting to name-calling that it shrouds the true crisis inside the Church. It doesn’t earn him street cred for trash-talking the Church nor his advocating murdering the bishops for being useless, hypocritical fools when you have the majority of your population believing in the Church with blind faith.

When millions will risk their lives and limbs to show their devotion to the Black Nazarene, you’d know that even the fanatics of Duterte’s supporters like Mocha Uson won’t be out on the streets naked with machetes looking to hack a bishop. It’s also a testament to why the Church in the Philippines has been spared of the media sensations accompanying priests accused of sexually-molesting children or raping nuns. Don’t tell. Don’t ask. It’s all about faith, stupid. Either you believe in the Holy Roman Catholic Church, as you pray the The Apostles’ Creed on Sunday Mass, or you don’t.

And there lies Duterte’s failure to use his bully pulpit to call the Church to account for allowing the sex abuses for so long. His perspective of this latest scandal wracking the Church to near implosion is so limited to verbal abuses, he misses what could be the chink in the armor of a Church so powerful in its grip on the souls of its devoted flocks.

Duterte is a killer, he admits it himself. And we support the Church for calling Duterte to account for his EJKs. But then, we also want the Church to accord the same human rights it wanted Duterte to provide criminal suspects to those children and nuns sexually assaulted by the men of the cloth and those without. It may or may not be happening in the Philippines, but sex abuses are so overwhelmingly pervasive and endemic in the whole Catholic Church that our local clergy can’t be that lily white. The Church is rotten to the core, rocking our core belief in the goodness of the Church and its clergy.

If they are squeaky clean, then the CBCP should issue a zero-tolerance Pastoral Letter On Child Molestation that should include defrocking sexual abusers and those who hide such monstrosity and be brought to courts, while advising parishioners to be vigilant against these misfits.

If your sakristan child has been raped by a priest, or, you were a sexually-assaulted sakristan now in your old age, will you give the padre a pass because, as Jesus Christ Himself gasped in his dying breath while nailed to the cross … the Father does not know what’s he’s doing. Or, not all of the priests are sexual predators, naman, e! there’s just a few of them? But isn’t one pedophile too many, especially when we trust them with our children. Who’s the Devil here?

Not to mention in making the Philippines a factory for children roaming the streets begging for alms or trafficked for prostitution because the Filipinos have been brainwashed of going to hell if they use contraceptives to plan a family they can provide with food, shelter and education instead of breeding like the Energizer bunny.

Pope Francis himself during his sermon at Luneta dished out a papal dig at how the Filipinos are humping their way to poverty, and told the Catholics to stop breeding like an Energizer Bunny.

Although he reiterated the Vatican’s ban on artificial contraception, “this does not mean a Christian must make children one after another,” like how the Filipinos are delivering 5,000 or so children every day even while an innumerable number of them are already on the streets begging and selling their innocence to survive.

“No!” to paraphrase Francis as saying that producing litters you cannot feed and shelter does not give you a pass as a good Catholic; responsible parenthood does. In deriding the misconception among the believers of Christ “to think that to be good Catholics we have to be like rabbits,” the pope told a story of how he rebuked a woman who was pregnant again after having seven children, all delivered by Cesarean section.

As if to say, “are you f-cking kidding me?” (pardon the pun), Francis told the woman she must be tempting God to leave seven orphans given how she might not survive delivering her eight pregnancy. For all we know, the pope could be referring to a parishioner in the Philippines where it is the norm rather than the exception to bear seven children, all natural birth either at home or at a hospital’s charity ward.

Clicking an annual population growth rate of two percent that makes the Philippines number 12 in the list of the world’s most-densely populated countries, the Filipinos are indeed libidinous as bunnies. We’re tops in the world’s list for watching porn, preferably on a Monday, and most-probably at work, as if to cure the hangover of getting laid over the weekend. At any given lunch break on weekdays, a line of cars on the driveway of a Victoria Court motel usually awaits for the next couple to finish up their “short time” tryst, usually three hours if they don’t order dessert, to get a room.

It could be the fat swimming in our adobo or the equally lustful Chinese bloodline in us that fuel our sex drive. But irresponsible parenthood is a creation of over 450 years of following the church’s marching order at any given Sunday Mass to “go forth and multiply”.

When the church condemns you to hell if you use a condom, no government effort to educate and make contraception available to keep the rise in population at pace with economic growth could be successful, leaving behind about a quarter of the population living below the poverty line.

With the church on our back humping us like a rabbit to procreate, we do so prolifically even if the $10 in daily minimum wage, about $1.25/hr., minus taxes and other deductions, can’t even support a single person, much more 10 hungry and butt naked litters loitering in your little shack by the estero or on a corner street you reclaimed for a shelter. But who cares about putting food on the table when sex with your spouse is an “Afternoon Delight” on an empty stomach and a bare-skin penis?

It makes you wonder if what Pope Francis saw in the 6 million Catholic devotees at Luneta who attended his largest ever outdoor Sunday Mass was abject poverty to move him to issue such a made-for-Tweeter papal bull to stop bearing children you cannot take care of. But after the Pope left, the f-cking continues, and now we are breaching 110 millions in population, with more than a quarter living below the poverty line while 12 millions are abroad trying to make a living.



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