July 4, 2022


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Cebu Doctors University Hospital

CebuDoc introduces its newest Cardiac Catheterization Technology

CDU Catheterization Machine

Cebu Doctors University Hospital introduces its newly-acquired Cardiovascular Catheterization Machine, Philips Azurion 3 M15, the first and only in Visayas and Mindanao that has Dynamic Cardiac Road Mapping (DCRM) feature last February 20 at the Conference Room, CebuDoc.

“CebuDoc’s new Cathlab is designed to produce clearer and more vivid images which leads to shorter procedural  times, less radiation exposure, more accurate diagnosis and  treatment and lessen patient complications; thus, improving clinical outcomes.” Dr. Paul Timothy Dumdum, Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory Head, said.

Providing extensive patient care and state-of-the-art facility, the new Cath Lab machine gives full visibility of complex malformations, tumors and occlusions.  Its advancement also includes improved images for more accurate results due to a higher X-ray to image conversion efficiency and shorter procedure time.

Most importantly, the DCRM reduces contrast exposure; thus, potentially reduces kidney complications from a lesser dye usage.

Services offered include: coronary angiogram, aortogram, cerebral angiogram and interventional procedures such as percutaneous coronary angioplasty, coiling, temporary and permanent pacemaker insertion, transarterial chemoembolization among others.

”The upgrade is to ensure that our patients receive the most up-to-date technology available in coronary artery disease treatment”, explained Ms. Cindy Cepe, Head Nurse of Catheterization Laboratory.




CebuDoc has been very aggressive in providing world-class healthcare for its patients. Its Cardiovascular Center houses highly-specialized Cardiac Interventional Doctors that have been constantly updating their practice in-line with emerging medical technologies.

“CebuDoc Cardiovascular Center gives constant effort to provide the highest standard of cardiac care to the people of Cebu and the neighboring islands. The Philips CathLab Machine is indeed a new breakthrough, most especially for the medical staff to open a blocked coronary artery at the soonest possible time.” said Dr. Peter Mancao, Head of Cardiothoracic Surgery.

 “We are always looking for and acquiring the latest in medical advancements that let our doctors provide the best diagnosis and targeted interventions for our patients”, Head Nurse Cindy added.


 “Here in our hands, we make sure that our patient is our main priority. We also assure our patients with safety and we explain them the procedures that they will undergo to lessen patient’s anxiety and make them more at ease”, said Mr. Carlito Castrence Alzate, RMT, CV Tech/Cardiac Perfusionist.




Most clients of the CathLab are patients whose cardiologists recommend a specific procedure for diagnostics or treatment. After scheduling, they should read and follow the doctor’s orders in preparation for the procedure. Diagnostic procedures usually take 30 minutes while treatments range from one to two hours.


 “For those who are advised to go on a CathLab procedure, you should know your options and choose the facility that gives you the best and most reliable results. At CebuDoc, we ensure the best experience for our patients at the right cost. This is a very important consideration because it’s about you and your health”, Ms. Cindy Cepe concluded.