May 20, 2022


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Inayawan Barangay Captain Bryan Kirk Repollo, a lawyer, running as Cebu City councilor under the ticket of Mayor Tomas Osmena.


By Tonton Alcos Antogop

They are known in Barangay Inayawan if not in the entire Cebu City in their own right. And now that their Barangay Captain Bryan Kirk Repollo is beleaguered, both of them vouched for him. Sam Costanilla, a long time opinion columnist, a sought after Master of Ceremonies (emcee) and musician said that he knew Repollo and would not believe that the barangay official is involved in the illegal drug trade.

“Dili kini paglaban sa among Barangay Kapitan kay isip usa ka abugado, kaya ra kaayo niya ang paglaban sa iyang kaugalingon batok sa mga pasangil nga way pruyba. Apan isip Inayawanon mismo ako nasayud nga si Kapitan Kirk Bryan wala mahilambigit sa gidiling drugas, ” Costanilla in his Facebook post last March 5 (10:40am) said.

(Translation: This is not to defend our Barangay Captain because as a lawyer he could very well defend his self against unsubstantiated charges. As an Inayawanon myself however I know that Captain Kirk Bryan is not involved in illegal drugs.)

He further said that Repollo belongs to the very respected Jaca clan in their barangay.

Apart from Costanilla, another popular Inayawan resident, Vince Labrada Monterde, the former Public Information Officer (PIO) of Talisay City, also, said highly of Capt. Repollo.

Monterde who used to work with DyLA and Sunstar Superbalita, among other media networks that he used to be with, had three FB posts in defending the Inayawan Barangay Captain.

“Kaming mga Inayawanon wala malipay ug nasubo sa mga pasangil batok sa among batan-on, mapailubon apan lantip ug panghuna-huna nga si Kapitan Kirk Bryan Repollo. xxx xxx xxx Kaming mga Inayawanon mubarug ug manalipod sa among buotan nga Kapitan ug dili mutugot nga yamayamaan lang ug pasangil nga way kamatuoran,” Monterde posted last Mar. 5 (3:02pm).

(Translation: We, the Inayawanon, are not happy and saddened on the allegations against our youthful, patient but intellectually brilliant Barangay Captain Kirk Bryan xxx xxx We, the Inayawanon, would stand and defend our genial Captain and would not allow  that he would be disrespected by allegations that are not true.)

In an earlier post on Mar. 4, Monterde also said that Repollo is not against the construction of a new police station per se but would prefer to have it constructed to another site.

According to his post, Repollo wanted the police station to be constructed near the Children’s Park in their barangay where the area according to Repollo is not a traffic hazard unlike the one right across their barangay hall.

Earlier Repollo ordered the demolition of the fence where the new police station would have been constructred drawing the ire of Police Regional Director Brigadier General Debold Sinas.

Repollo reasoned that the donation of the lot in favor of the Cebu City Police Office is defective because his predecessor, ex-Captain Lutherlee “Lotlot” Ignacio-Soon failed to secure an authority from the barangay council for the Deed of Donation.

Sinas dismissed Jaca’s contention however and went on to declare that he would have the matter reported to Pres. Rodrigo Duterte.

Sinas also ordered a lifestyle and background check on Repollo, a lawyer who is also running as Cebu City councilor under the ticket of Mayor Tomas Osmena.

The controversy regarding the construction of the police station also surfaced as the police seized 18 kilos of shabu from Elymar Ancajas last Sunday, March 3, in Fatima Village, Inayawan.

Cebu City Director Police Colonel Royina Garma wondered on the absence of Repollo on their post raid considering the magnitude of the police operation.

Garma said that although a barangay captain is not obliged to witness drug operations but the presence of Repollo would have been appropriate at that time.

The area where Ancajas was arrested is described to be just near the Inayawan barangay hall.

The arrest of Ancajas was followed up by an operation in Consolacion where Jocelyn Encila, said to be the girlfriend of New Bilibid inmate Rustico Ygot was also caught.

Encila took the bait of a police poseur buyer who then successfully entered her rented house in Green Valley Subdivision where the operatives discovered 10 kilos of shabu.

Encila was admitted in a private hospital then but he agreed that his parents, Marcial and Marilyn, transact with the undercover cop.

The arrest of Ancajas and the Encilas resulted to the seizure of P190 million worth of shabu, considered to be one of the biggest accomplishment of the Cebu City police.

The police discovered that Ygot would gave instructions to Jocelyn through the internet on who to deal with even while inside the national penitentiary in Muntinlupa City.