September 30, 2023


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hang cayona


By Tonton Alcos Antogop


He left a suicide letter then hanged himself to death. “Duawa ko sa akong lubnganan puhon. xxx xxx xxx I Love you so much. I love you xxx xxx xxx I will wait for you in after life”, the love letter of Alvin Cayona, 28, reads. His relatives found him dead past 10am today in the bungalow where he is staying in Sitio Lapay, F. Llamas St. Brangay Punta Pricesa.

He tied his neck with a nylon strap of a sling bag which was tied to roof of the house. He stood on a monobloc chair where the suicide letter was found. Hazel Abayan, Cayona”s cousin said that his relative had suffered depression after his wife and child left him.

Abayan said that Cayona told them the past few days how he missed his family. His daughter will be celebrating her birthday this month which saddened Cayona because he could not afford to have a gift. “Wala man pud gud tawn siyay kapaingnan mao nga na depressed gyud maayo,” Abayan told Cayona used to be employed in a local watch store but has since been unemployed. PO1 Aldrin Canete of the Punta police station said that he did not notice a sign of foul-play.


Cayona’s suicide letter



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