September 30, 2023


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Christine Silawan1

photo from Christine Lee Silawan's fb


By Tonton Alcos Antogop



A private person is offering a reward money of P100, 000.00 to the informant that will pinpoint to the culprints of the brutal killing of Christine Lee Silawan in Lapu-Lapu City last Sunday.

In a Bombo Radyo interview, Lapu-Lapu City Chief of Police Colonel Lemuel Obon said that the person called him to offer the reward. “There is somebody who called me that he is giving one-hundred thousand pesos,” Obon told Bombo Jun Salde in an interview. Obon said that person volunteered and asked for anonymity.



Meanwhile, Obon said that the autopsy report that was conducted on Silawan indicated that the 16 year-old victim was not raped. He said that the private part of the victim only had healed laceration which meant that there was no latest intercourse that happened. “Walay latest injury sa iyang pwerta,” the police official revealed. Since the victim was half-naked from her waist down, Obon raised the possibility that it was meant to misled the investigators. Obon who is personally leading the probe theorized that the culprits personally knew the victim and that something went wrong that led to the crime.


“Nagkita ni sila, something went wrong…along the way something went wrong which led to the killing,” Obon further said. Obon said that they are connecting some loose ends and had a witness to the incident. The time line is very critical and they are trying to establish the gaps which will lead to pinpoint the culprits. The CCTV footage that they had seen near the Sacred Heart Church in Barangay Pajac is very useful in the investigation. Silawan is a church collector and she left their house in Sitio Soong, Barangay Mactan to serve the 6pm last Sunday.

She did not went home that night. Yesterday morning her dead body was found in a grassy lot in Barangay Bankal. Her mother, Lourdes, positively identified her even if her face was skinned to the bone. The autopsy report on the victim revealed that she sustained twenty stab wounds, nine of which are defense wounds in her hands. The victim is a grade 9 student. She is the second of four siblings.

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