September 30, 2023


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Game of Thrones reveals exact length of season 8 episodes

HBO has posted the exact length of the first two episodes of Game of Thrones final season.

The network has updated its schedule (as first spotted this link opens in a new tab by Winter is Coming) to reveal the season 8 series premiere on Sunday, April 14 will be precisely 54 minutes. The second episode on April 21 will be 58 minutes.

The news echoes a previous report from a January meeting of a group of TV networks in France that suggested the first two episodes of the final season would be an hour each — and also predicted the last four episodes would be 80 minutes each. After that meeting, an HBO executive noted to EW that the episodes were still being edited and the numbers could change.

As I wrote at the time: “My speculation is that, if this information is accurate, that 60, 60, 80, 80, 80, 80 will translate into two episodes that are nearly an hour and then four that are between 70-85 minutes — so, still, plenty of super-sized episodes (quite possibly the longest average episode length in the show’s history), but not quite as perfectly rounded as what was estimated on stage.”

 As usual for this stage on secretive GoT, there were no titles yet listed for the episodes. Titles are typically announced two or three weeks before air.

-Entertainment Weekly

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