December 8, 2023


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President Rodrigo R. Duterte (internet photo)


By Tonton Alcos Antogop

Pres. Rodrigo Duterte spew expletives in slamming the brutal death of Christine Lee Silawan who was skinned to death last Sunday evening in Lapu-Lapu City.

The victim, a 16 year old alms collector, just served a mass where she was abducted by the prime suspect who the police described as “armed and dangerous.”

“Ang problema sa droga, law and order ngayon. At ang krimen maniwala ka niyang kulto-kulto p*****. Binabalatan ang mga mukha ng mga… Kahapon may pinatay ng mga p****** i** niya binalatan ‘yung mukha.” Duterte said during the PDP-Laban rally in Isabela Wednesday evening.

He earlier ordered the police to immediately solve the gruesome murder. Silawan who is a Grade 9 high school student bore 30 stab wounds and was naked down to her waist. Her face was skinned to the bone. Her tongue was plucked out and other parts of her body were missing. Medico legal officer Benjamin Lara bared that Silawan’s trachea (wind pipe) and esophagus were ripped off. The portion of the victim’s right ear was also knifed.

Christine Lee Silawan’s fb photo


Lapu-Lapu  City Chief of  Police Lemuel Obon described their main suspect as “armed and dangerous.” Obon revealed that the person has a pending warrant of arrest for murder. Since the suspect is armed, they expect confrontation, but Obon did not issue a shoot to kill order. The Lapu-Lapu City top cop wanted the suspect arrested alive. Killing the suspect in the course of the arrest is the “last option” however. A police intelligence source said that the prime suspect is pinpointed by an eye-witness.


The other key to the identification according to the source is the exchange of  internet chats between Silawan and the prime suspect. Their chats through Facebook Messenger was confirmed by the police as the Silawan family turned over to them a cellphone that was used by Christine.

Christine’s mother Lourdes confirmed the phone that they turned over when she was interviewed  by in the wake of her daughter (please see separate story) last night.

Christine could have managed to have a chat with the suspect prior to leaving their house in Sitio Soong, Barangay Mactan, Lourdes revealed.

“Yung chat nila ang key natin, may communication sila (Their chat was the key, they had a communication), the police source told on condition of anonymity for lack of authority to speak to the public.


That, as the Cebu Provincial Police Office is coordinating with the Lapu-Lapu City police in looking into the similarities of the killing of Silawan and that of the farmer in Danao City in January this year.

Provincial Police Director  Colonel Manuel Abrugena would not make a categorical conclusion however even as he noted that Trinidad Batucan was also skinned to death by a gang called “Buenos Brothers” in the hinterlands of  Danao.

Juvy and Junrey Bueno were killed in shooting it out with the policemen who tried to pursue them after killing Trinidad but their other brother, Jonas, escaped.

Jonas had with him a KG9 submachine gun pistol which he had sourced from the underground gun manufacturers where Danao City is known for.

“That is a probability but sa ngayon wala pa kaming evidence na ma-connect ang nangyari sa Danao (for now we still do not have evidence to connect the incident in Danao), DyMF Bombo Radyo reported quoting Abrugena as saying.

Rumors are spreading that the Buenos Brothers members would eat the internal parts of their victims.

They are reportedly engaged in robberies to farmers and their families.

“Ito po yung kumakalat na balita but we still have to confirm these and allegedly quote “after dismembering yung mga muscles nang victims kino consume nila,” Abrugena in a report of Sunstar Superbalita  also said.

Lara however did not discount the possiblity that stray animals ate the missing parts of Christine but was puzzled because he did not noticed bite marks in the corpse of the girl during the autopsy.

Christine’s body was  discovered in the early morning of Monday, hours after she was believed to have been killed. The rigor mortis (post mortem rigidity) result on Christine indicated that she died between 10pm-2am.


The reward money that will lead to the capture of the suspects of killing Christine had already reached P1.8 million.

Mayor Paz Radaza announced that the Lapu-Lapu City government will give P1 million to the informant that will lead to the arrest of the perpetrators.

The Cebu provincial government according to Vice Governor Agnes Magpale is also offering P200, 000.00 while an American retiree pledged P500, 000.00.

Another P100, 000.00 is being given by the Regional Police Advisory Council (RPAC) where some businessmen are members.

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