December 8, 2023


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Nurturing the Youth to be Financially Stable in the Future

Cebu City, Philippines – The Asian Development Bank recently showed studies that the Philippines does not have strategies laid out for financial education. As a result, the country is ranked 68th on a worldwide financial literacy index. Filipinos nowadays encounter financial crises at an early stage due to lack of proper education in managing finances, budgeting, and prioritizing needs and wants. Tools and innovation may readily be available but unless a deeper and more comprehensive approach is instilled in one’s own values, individuals will still end up with loans and debts left to right. They will be trapped in a cycle of poverty, without the ability to build better lives for themselves.

This is the reason why CIS Bayad Center, Inc. (Bayad Center) teamed up with the Department of Education and Marylinbert International to embark on “Bayad Center Sapat Dapat” Comprehensive School Program, an advocacy on financial literacy. Bayad Center believes that Filipino deserves to be rewarded for their hard work. Their mission is simply to make paying bills easier and less burden for every Filipino wherever they may be. It is in this light that Bayad Center sees the need to advocate budgeting, saving and priority-setting to Filipinos in order to help everyone become financially literate and bring the level of financial knowledge to a higher scale.

The ‘’Sapat Dapat” Comprehensive School Program is envisioned to become part of the value formation process of the high school students nationwide, making a profound, positive effect in their mindset. Aside from being part of the school curriculum, students, and teachers included, will be engaged in a series of activities integrating financial literacy in every school activity, one of which is the “Sapat Dapat Quiz Bee”.

The advocacy is envisioned by Bayad Center to be a tool for every Filipino to be free from debts and become financially literate. By advocating to both children and adults the value of financial literacy, Bayad Center Sapat Dapat Comprehensive School Program becomes an instrument in empowering Filipinos and bringing the nation’s financial awareness to the next level.

To sustain and expand the advocacy, Bayad Center is looking for “Sapat Dapat” partner brands who share the same passion in reaching out to the grass-roots and educating them.

CIS Bayad Center, Inc. is the country’s pioneer and premier multi-channel payment platform to date and is a member of the Meralco Group of Subsidiaries.

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