September 30, 2023


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Sinas - PRO7 photo

Police Regional Office (PRO-7) Director Brigadier General Debold Sinas - PRO7 fb photo


By Tonton Alcos Antogop


While he welcome the charges filed against them by local militant groups Police Regional Office (PRO-7) Director Brigadier General Debold Sinas warned them of counter sue and arrest. “Tubagon, pagka naay kaso di tubagon, kami pud mag file pud mi ug kaso sa ilaha,” Sinas told the Cebu media in a press conference. The top police official in the region then made a warning, once they file their criminal case and the court will issue warrant of arrest, he will have those charge arrested. “Pag amua mugawas ang warrant dakpon pud namo sila ingon ana lang gyud na. I will file a criminal case.

I will check again, we have identified sa ilaha based sa CCTV ug accounts sa among mga tawo,” he said, adding, “Walang problema, everybody has its own right. If you want to file a case, go ahead will answer it…ang problema nila pag kami ang maka file ug kuan sa kanila unya naa silay warrant aw gukod mi tanan and we are really pursuing the case,” Sinas sternly uttered. His reaction was sought after the militant groups in Cebu filed charges against him and other senior police officials for allegedly disrupting their protest rally infront of the gates of the PRO-7 during the commemoration of the EDSA People Power Revolution last February 25.

A commotion ensued then when the militants complained after the police played an anime song, Voltes V, whose character in the Japanese anime television, is a favorite of Gen. Sinas since his childhood. (The police General even keeps a Voltes V miniature in his office and when there are occasions, the Voltes V theme song is played inside the PRO-7 camp.) The playing of the the song was too loud the militants complained prompting some of them to bang the boom gates of the police camp as the song which was played through a public address system drowned the speeches of their speakers.

They merely used a portable speaker at that time prompting them to tell the police to stop it to no avail. The police scored them for allegedly destroying the boom gate of the camp and tearing its tarpaulins and streamers but it was the militants who first filed the charges instead. The militants led by Prof. Phoebe Sanchez of the University of the Philippines (UP-Cebu) filed administrative complaint against Sinas and his men in the Office of the Ombudsman for the Military and Other Law Enforcement Offices (MOLEO).

They charged the policemen for serious misconduct, grave abuse of authority/oppression, conduct unbecoming of a public officer, discourtesy in the conduct of official duties, and for violation of Batas Pambansa Bilang 880 or Public Assembly Act. Before they were charged, Sinas said then that their legal division is studying the filing of direct assault, destruction of government property, among others. Apart from Sanchez, who chairs the Karapatan Central Visayas, the police identified at least two other leaders of the protesting group, Jaime Paglinawan of Bayan Central Visayas, and John Ruiz of Bayan Muna.

Members of Gabriela womens group, Anakbayan and Piston were also tagged as among the rally participants.

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