September 30, 2023


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Ligao Downhill2

Lea Denesse Belgira

4th Sunflower Festival National Enduro Cup

Gabriel Amigo III of Trek Phil. Tyk bikr Hub/Outbreak on the top podium of the Open / Elite division with a time of 8:33.133 while Jericho Farr of Team Prima Phil. timed 7 minutes behind the champion. Lea Denesse Belgira of Team Prima/Danstrekphil got a time of 10:39.951 and is on top of the podium in the womens division and Naome Gardoce, 11:09.091 on the second post. In the 19 below division, Mc Kevin Ruiz La Onion’s pride, mark a record in his first race in Ligao City with a time of 09:39.305. Mayor Patricia Gonzalez Alsua thanked all the participants, the crew and spectators for a successful event. She promised a yearly event for the Enduro Cup in the city of Ligao.


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