September 30, 2023


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Juril Patino arrest warrant2


 Tonton Alcos Antogop

“You better surrender” lawyer- broadcaster Ruphil Banoc said in Cebuano in his program “Straight to the Point” over radio DyHP yesterday. Banoc address the message to Atty. Juril Patino, former anchorman-commentator of Brigada News FM who has warrant of arrest for alleged rape to a 13 year-old girl in 2017. Aside from being lawyers, Patino and Banoc have many something in common; they both were former anchormen/commentators of Bombo Radyo Cebu and are station managers.

Banoc presently with DyHP while Patino himself was former manager of Bombo Radyo before he transferred to Brigada News FM. It was in Brigada where Patino also served as its former legal consultant where the case of rape against Patino happened. The National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) investigated the case and is now after the former broadcaster/lawyer who has since not surfaced to the public.

No bail is recommended for his arrest but to Jason Monteclar, the station manager of radio DyCM, Patino should surrender and fight the case in court himself as a lawyer. Monteclar, who calls Patino a friend, opined that if Patino could argue well his case, the court may allow him to post bail. “Basta dili lig-on ang ebedensya mahimo ka gihapon mahatagan ug kasamtangang kagawasan…ayaw ug tago bai, surrender. You argue your case,” Monteclar said in his radio commentary program last Wednesday.

Veteran radioman Cirse “Choy” Torralba echoed Monteclar’s opinion. “Sakto tung imong tambag idol manager nga kinahanglan nga mu-surrender siya…nahibawo man siya nga flight is a sign of guilt,” Torralba said when he interacted to Monteclar’s program through phone. Cebu City RTC branch 20 Judge Marlon Jay Moneva issued the Warrant of Arrest for Patino. His last known whereabouts is in Talamban, Cebu City.

Patino who became a lawyer in 2014 denied the charges when it reached the prosecutor’s office but it was elevated to the court when probable cause was established against the broadcaster/lawyer. The evidence included the medical certificate that the girl has laceration in her hymen and the CCTV footages of the car of Patino in the area in Barangay Parian where the alleged rape happened. The girl narrated that she was invited over by Patino to join him in his car when they met in the FM station where the lawyer used to serve.

They drove over until they reached Barangay Parian where the lawyer/broadcaster allegedly abused her inside the car. The minor is the daughter of the laundrywoman of Patino’s former colleague who was not around when the girl arrived so she met the lawyer/ broadcaster instead. The Warrant of Arrest issued by Judge Moneva said in part, “YOU ARE HEREBY COMMANDED TO ARREST JURIL B. PATINO who is said to be found at Block 6, Miramonte Subd., Pit-os, Talamban, Cebu City and who has been charged before me with the Offense of Rape Under Art. 266-A Par. 1 and deliver them (sic) to the nearest station and jail.”

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