August 2, 2021


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Silawan's autopsy report (1)

Silawan's autopsy report


By Tonton Alcos Antogop


The pieces of evidence which the defense would like to be made inadmissible as evidence to the Christine Lee Silawan murder are very material to the case. “Somebody must be very afraid about it. That evidence which they wanted taken out as evidence are very important. Only those who does not want justice to prevail will do eveything to strike it out,” Dr. Rene Cam, the chief of the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI-Central Visayas Office) Forensics Division told iNews.Ph in Cebuano in an exclusive interview.

Cam said the “clothings of interest” were already brought to their central office in Manila for further laboratory processing as they initially found out “traces” which could confirm the involvement of the 17 year-old boy to the crime. The traces if confirmed to be “human blood” will then be compared with the DNA of the parents of Christene Lee, which Cam said if it matches, it will be a conclusion that the boy was really involved.

According to Cam, a team of forensic experts had arrived in Cebu and performed the initial examination on the clothings. NBI Regional Director Tomas Enrile had revealed earlier hat their evidence would be scientific but Atty. Vincent Isles had filed a motion to Regional Trial Court (RTC) Branch 11 Judge Ramon Daomilas to invalidate the search warrant which was issued to seize the clothings, among others.

Isles pointed out that the seizure of the items; cap, underwears, shoes and pieces of paper with unidentified stain are inadmissible as evidence as this was not covered by a legitimate search warrant. Isles contended that Daomilas, the Presiding Judge of the designated Special Cybercrime Court in Cebu, had issued a Warrant to Search, Seize and Examine Computer Data (WSSECD) and not to search the items which the NBI had confiscated.

“Even granting that the WSSECD was validly issued, and the movant minor was the legitimate target, the non-computer items must be returned to the movant, they have been seized outside the parameters of the warrant,” Isles said, in his motion. Armed with WSSECD, the NBI agents swooped on the house of the boy in Maribago, Lapulapu City and arrested him altogether citing a hot pursuit.

Isles filed an Omnibus Motion to Release his client however which the Lapulapu City Prosecutors Office granted as the lawyer argued that the warrantless arrest was not valid. The boy is now being kept in a safehouse while awaiting for the resolution of the murder case in the prosecutors office which the NBI has earlier filed.

Judge Daomilas meanwhile will hear the petition of Isles to invalidate the warrant this Friday. According to the NBI, the boy is the ex-boyfriend of Christene Lee who might have been drove by jealousy in killing the victim. Christene Lee was allegedly fetched by the suspect in the Sacred Heart Church of Barangay Pajac last March 10 where she served as alms collector.

The following day the lifeless body of Christine was found in a vacant lot in the nearby Barangay Bankal. The victim’s face was skinned to the bone. She was half naked with 30 stab wounds. Some of her body parts were missing. Her tonque, trachea esophagus and right ear were gone.