September 30, 2023


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GT Northeast Academy (GTNA)

GT Northeast Academy – soon to be the B.E.S.T. School in Cebu


For half a decade now, GT Northeast Academy (GTNA) continued to soar the sky with excellence. This very promising school is located in barangay Tayud, in the Municipality of Liloan, and has been tagged by common folks as the school of brilliant and confidently elite kids in the northeast part of Cebu.

Nevertheless, the people’s branding of exclusivity for the haves only, is not necessarily true. Selected bright students from public and other private schools were accepted with scholarships, and the academy has given them the opportunity and the experience of what is up to be here at GTNA.

Learners go through matchless experience stimulating their knowledge and discovering their inner talents and potentials at GTNA. Through extensive and precise measures, our faculty makes sure the pacing of a student’s learning curve is much more proficient as the school, GTNAis offering the following amenities:comprehensive biology, natural science, chemistry, and physics laboratories; complete computer laboratories for encoding and software application learning; a standard Gymnasium for sports and recreational activities; a semi-Olympic size swimming pool; a canteen accompanied with friendly staff;an inclusive kitchen for culinary and gastronomic lessons; a library to entice the student’s endless quench for knowledge; a fully functioning music room;a dance hall;carpool services;and a Roman Catholic chapel. The amenities aforementioned are utilized by the entire school population.

Enrolling at GT Northeast Academy ensures your child receives well rounded training given by our talented and ever-supportive teachers. Our fully air-conditioned classrooms, equipped with built-in projectors are conducive for ample learning with a maximum allowable capacity of 25students/classroom density only. Course subjects and curriculums are delivered in a variety of pedagogical approaches using multiple facets of learning methods and educational materials, which are constantly reviewed and evaluated. Learners at GTNA are not only acquiring scholastic excellence but also absorbing social graces, which are infused in the academic culture. These are manifested in the triumphs and achievements of laurels brought home by our students during their participation in different inter-school competitions.

Indeed,GTNA lives by edifying our stance of academic leadership, and proving society with its promise through its school vision which says, – “A community in pursuit of excellence”. In continuing its service to the community, GTNA now treads a gigantic step – to become the B.E.S.T. school in Cebu fully by 2025. B.E.S.T. stands for Business, Entrepreneurial, Science, and Technology school for the betterment of humanity; which shall be the academy’s premiere emblem for academic branding.

This flagship shall be founded by the school’s strong adherence to science and technology research, business entrepreneurship, and cultivating the multi-discipline of social sciences.




Just recently, GTNA launched its first ever ‘Business and Research Conference 2019” – an unlimited showcasing of the learning factory with research papers and business proposals coming from our senior high school students.

This grand event helped the students boost their confidence by providing them the avenue to express their sentiments through their writing prowess and giving them a platform for public speaking, through defending their research works and business proposals in front of an inquisitive audience and panel. Soon the activity shall become an annual event of the school with more expanded entries paving to an exciting convention, as we shall trickle down the experience with the Junior high school students.

B.E.S.T school in Cebu in 2025 is GTNA’s 5-year short-term program for uplifting its vision. Along with aligned activities planned within the period, this also bundles pertinent projects associated to the program, which includes; the acquisition of robotics laboratory, installing a business stimulation hub, increasing amenities of existing science and technology labs, broadening the library facility by expanding materials for e-learning programs; and scrutinizing current curriculums to include the B.E.S.T. ideals to ensure the sustainability of the program.

Guaranteeing the best K to 12 basic education of your child, GT Northeast Academy is the school to think and is being sought for. It is currently accepting reservations for Preschool (Nursery 1 & 2 and Kindergarten); Elementary; Junior High School; and Senior High School, that offers the Academic Tracks for Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM); Accountancy, Business & Management (ABM); Humanities and Social Sciences (HUMSS), and General Academic Strand (GAS). Enrollment is going on for Summer Classes on Academic which includes School Readiness, Singapore Math, Reading, Writing and Comprehension and for Summer Classes on Non-Academic which includes Basic Arts & Crafts, Music (Guitar, Bass Guitar, Piano, and Keyboard), Taekwondo, and Ballet Dance Workshop. Visitors are welcomed and reception for school tour can be arranged. For more inquiry, GTNA can be reached out at (032) 424-4901; (032) 424-4511, or at 0920-221-6086. You can also visit us at


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