September 30, 2023


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Rolando Patalinghug showed docs that disqualifies Junard Chan

Lapu-Lapu mayoralty candidate Rolando Patalinghug showed in a presscon a document which allegedly disqualifies Junard Chan


Tonton Alcos Antogop


A document that allegedly disqualifies mayoralty aspirant Junard ” Ahong” Chan is circulating in Lapu-Lapu City. Chan quickly denied it however describing it as “piece of paper” but his rival Rolando Patalinghug claimed that somebody who has connections from the Commission on Elections (Comelec) provided them the document.

Patalinghug is referring to an en banc resolution dated November 28, 2018 where Chan is among the candidates for the May 2019 elections that did not pass the correct Certificate of Candidacy (CoC) which makes the incumbent Pajo Barangay Captain to be among the candidates described “BE DEEMED NOT FILED” his CoC.

Chan and 52 other candidates quoting Comelec Law Director Ma. Norina Tangaro-Casingal used an old CoC which lacked item no. 22 where a question on having been found liable of an offense with a penalty of perpetual disqualification to hold public office was written.

Patalinghug said that if indeed the document is authentic and that Chan is disqualified, he is urging him to join their group in order for them to beat former Mayor Arturo Radaza who is eyeing a comeback.

“Maayo unta siya si Ahong mudapig na sa among grupo kay misulti man siya sa una nga sugot ra siya ug dili siya kadagan basta mapildi ra kuno ang mga Radaza maayo unta ug tinud-on na niya ang iyang sulti.

Mudapig na lang siya sa among grupo ug iyang mga supporter arun mudaug gyud ta,” Patalinghug told reporters in a press conference. He claimed that he has good chance of winning as his group is warmly welcome by residents wherever they go.

“Maayo man ang among lakaw kay ang mga tawo gusto gyud ug kausaban,” Patalinghug said. But Chan whose reaction was sought immediately denied that he is disqualified. He described the document leaked by his rival as “piece of paper.” “Just only a piece of paper in the first place ug naa kay madawat nga complaint pada gikan sa Comelec ikaw mismo makadawat gyud ka nga nahingtungdan wala ko makadawat ug disqualification gikan sa Comelec,” Chan said.

He added that it is both a “propaganda” and a “hao-shiao” document. “That is only a propaganda para lang mapansin ang kandidato nga wa mapansin kulang sa pansin ang kandidato xxx xxx xxx kini nga dokumento nga gipagawas hao-shiao ni.” Chan showed to reporters his COC which has an item no. 22 where he answered no to the question.

Chan said his name is also printed in the official ballot that appeared in the Comelec website as among its mayoralty candidate for Lapu-lapu City. The issue regarding the controversial article No. 22 first surfaced during the filing of CoC’s last October when senatorial candidates Abner Afuang and Carmelo Carreon both changed their forms and had to comeback to the Comelec as they earlier filed an old CoC where there is no article No. 22.

“If you file the wrong form, para ka na ring hindi nag-file ng CoC, ” Comelec spokesman James Jimenez then said. Lapu-Lapu City Mayor Paz Radaza whose reaction was sought said their group is unperturbed. “Sige sila lang atung paawayong duha tan-awon lang nato ug unsay resulta ug mag-away silang duha.

Anyway, bag-o na siya nga istorya, there was a time nga nakadungog mi ana pero we are just focusing on ourselves,” Radaza said speaking in behalf of her husband. Mayor Radaza is not eligible for reelection as she is finishing her third term in June.

She will run instead as Congresswoman replacing her daughter Aileen who opted to rest for a while in politics. Radaza is running against lawyer Eugene Espedido, Queenie Cabahug and freelance journalist Junex Doronio.

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