September 30, 2023


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By Tonton Alcos Antogop


He is running as Senator in the May 13 polls and one of his platform is what he calls as “Marriage Deregulation.” His name: Richard Alfajora, a Cebuano mining engineer from Barili town.

Alfajora said that he will advocate for marriage deregulation in order for couples to enjoy their freedom and liberty to marry without being sanctioned anymore by the state. He said marriage should be a matter of right for everybody and that couples should not anymore be required to secure marriage licenses from civil registrars but should marry depending on their religious affiliations and beliefs.

“Marriage therefore should now be private and religious and once they are married in their churches, they will just report it to the National Statistics Office (NSO) or the PSA (Philippine Statistics Authority),” Alfajora said recently in the sidelines of 888 News Forum in Marco Polo Cebu.

He said his concept is also about the equal protection (of the law) clause where everybody should have equal rights and privileges. Alfajora said that henceforth, even age requirement should be relax as there are indegenous peoples (IP’s) which allows marriages even younger than 18 years-old.

Although he said that he is for heterosexual marriages, his deregulated marriage concept could also pave the way for same sex marriages. “I am straight but because I am for deregulation of marriage for as long as there is a solemnizing officer between the two couples, same sex marriage or union could also be done.

It is about freedom and liberty for all,” Alfajora explained to Alfajora said marriage deregulation is also about strengthening the bond of couples in their churches and hence to God. “This is about thinking out of the box that no single candidate for senator thought of.

Marriage deregulation if anchored on one’s religious beliefs is strengthening their vow to God,” he said. In his curriculum vitae, Alfajora also listed his being an officer of Sugbuanong Komentaristang Nagpakabana (SUKNA) and a radio broadcaster. He has many other proposed legislations in mind, but he declared, win or lose, he is advocating for “marriage deregulation.”

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