September 30, 2023


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Matang Agila_


By Tonton Alcos Antogop


Declaring that he is standing by with his client, Atty. Vincent Isles has revealed an alleged “Matang Agila Theory” on the murder of Christine Lee Silawan. Isles claimed that this could be the reason why the autopsy report that Christine Lee was raped surfaced.

The autopsy was done by Dr. Erwin Erfe, the chief of the forensic division of the Public Attorneys Office (PAO). “Ipugos gyud na ninyo nga na-rape si Christine arun ma-push ang Matang Agila Conspiracy theory,” Isles posted on his Facebook last Tuesday afternoon.

Isles explained that Matang Agila was a Facebook post by a person also bearing the same account name last March 23 where it implicated his 17 year-old client in the celebrated murder case. He said that this is contrary to their witnesses which have executed affidavits that the suspect was in their house on the night of March 10 when the alleged incident occured.

The FB post of Matang Agila however have narration on how the murder of Christine Lee happened (please see screen shots photos). “Nagkatawa lang ang tinuod nga nagpatay ug gilubong na lang si Christine Silawan wala may action gihapon ang mga police ug NBI.

Kana inyong gidakop mao nay star witness kay nakaila jud sya aning Patrick John nga maoy naglaplap sa nawong ni Christine sa iyang kasuko nga gisikaran siya nga nagdumili ang bata nga iyang gamiton na unta, isa ka Muslim ilang kauban nga maoy nag potul sa dila ug paghiwa sa ubolubol sa bata para pag cguro nila nga dili kini makasingit ug tabang onse na sila tanan apan tulo ra ang nagkuyog paglabay didto sa Baragay Pajac,” a portion of the post read, adding, ” per gibuhat nila ang maong krimen didto sa Ilaya sa dakung building nga walay tawo, mga high sila sa drugs.”

The post which was followed up by another one last March 30 dealt about on the slow progress on the case asking the Lapu-Lapu City Police Office (LLCPO) and the NBI whether they went to the supposed place of the crime. “Attention: LLCPO, NBI-7, ilang araw na wala pay progress sa kaso ni Christine Lee Silawan???

Pinuntahan nyo na ba ang lugar kung saan siya pinatay? Doon sa Ilaya, Marigondon, Lapu-Lapu! yung building na luma na di natapos, doon siya pinagtulungang patayin bago siya tinapon sa Brgy. Pajac,” a portion of the post said which called on to the netizens to help by sharing the post so that the authorities will act.

The post also called for providing additional information to help solve the brutal murder. In both posts, there was no mention of alleged rape however. Isles raised the problem on the findings of Erfe because Dr. Benjamin Lara, the medico-legal officer of the Philippine National Police (PNP) Regional Crime Laboratory ruled out rape.

Lara clarified earlier though that even if he did not found fresh lacerations on the private part of Christine Lee which indicated rape, he had a swab test on it to determine if there is male human fluid inside. Christine Lee’s flayed body was found on the morning of March 11.

Isles said his client denied involvement and corroborated by their witnesses. The lawyer firmly said he is standing by his client. The lawyer is apprehensive that because of what he has been doing, he will not be surprise if somebody will turn the table on him.

“I would not even be surprised if trumped up charges would be filed against me, solely because I choose to stand for with my client and work his exoneration,” Isles added in his FB post.

The Silawan murder case is being monitored closely by Pres. Rodrigo Duterte who at one time revealed in his public speech in Koronadal City, South Cotabato that he personally called Lapu-Lapu City Prosecutor Ruso Zaragoza to order the re-arrest of the suspect.

The President learned that the boy was released from the custody of the DSWD pending the resolution of the murder complaint. Zaragoza did not order a re-arrest however but he convinced the suspect’s family and Isles to just sent back the boy to the DSWD custody for safety.

Incidentally, the boy will be 18 tomorrow, April 4, which is another interesting topic for the public whether he would be named from thereon because he is already an adult.


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