October 24, 2021


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Except for schools that started its classes in August, children and parents alike are either done with their closing exercises or in final preparations for graduation rites. Either events are equally taxing to parents. No matter where you send your kids to school, you have to spend extra for either final projects, clothes for this special occasion, or at least treat your kids to lunch or dinner.

We, our Mellieuel Yvalle (how to pronounce the name? Ask Ojharra Catherine or Rose Florence. I still have a hard time spelling or  speaking his name. I just simply call him DEYBOI), has done with his moving up exercise from Kindergarten to Grade 1 at the Adventist Academy-Cebu (to us it is East Visayan Academy), last Wednesday. Aside from his Baby Blue Long Sleeves and necktie, I have to treat him to lunch and an unlimited time at his favorite play pen.

For the next two months, Deyboi will be at home, either harassing  his mother or our dog and her puppies or bug me to buy him a new monster truck toy or Thomas – the steam engine or a new hot wheels (duh, ask your Ate Rah or Ate Mhay to buy you those things). But for sure, he’s gonna be sitting by the laptop watching that Roblox, or Mine Craft or Ryan videos. Or hog his mother’s cell phone where he can watch youtube or play online games anywhere in the house.

But the internet could only satiate him momentarily, as he would then express his boredom aloud.

As a kid, I often look forward to summer so that I can play with my friends and neighbors. The joys of playing dakop-dakop, tago-tago, tubig-tubig, baraha, lastiko, jolen, takyan, luthang, karang, tigso, bato-lata, barel or syatong were enough to take away my boredom. Then as a teen, my friends and I went jogging to Larawan beach and back in preparation for an upcoming sports league, play-to-sawa basketball or dayon-dayon volleyball games, took boxing, karate or eskrima lessons from our dear Martial Artist neighbour, take a dip at the beach twice a week and went serenading girls under moonlit nights, were our kind of fun.

But unlike before when I can always play without any reservations or my parents worrying, these days are very different. Most parents born in the 80s or before, knew what I am talking about.

That is why I am now outlining activities on how to make my UNICO HIJO productive this summer.

First on my list, FLY kite with him. He’s been pestering me since his mother bought him a ready-made kite last Sunday, I can no longer say no. But only on selected time of the day. Because heat these days are extremely dangerous, especially if you have hypertension. Second, take him to the BEACH. Oh, he loves the beach. He already unpacked his swimming gears such as goggles, cap, rash guards, trunks, floaters and sunscreen lotion. The only thing left to prepare, which we currently don’t have (yet) is MONEY and destination. The latter depends on the availability of the former (frowns).

Third, Sports CLINIC. The best way to keep your kids occupied the whole summer is to enroll him/her to a sports clinic. Why? Because sports is a vital component to mental and physical development. It helps them burn those energies that is inside them. Learning to play any kind of sports makes them alert, attentive and disciplined. Sports gives them focus, they’d learn teamwork and becomes active. They would make new friends, and they would have new skills to boost when they return to school in June.

My Deyboi would be enrolling Basic Basketball program. I have already made arrangements with the former University of San Carlos Warriors guard Chino Uy Jr., who operates the Cebu ELITE Basketball Training Camp on April 9 at the Cebu Coliseum. The Beginner’s training session would start at 10am to 12noon. That’s where my son would be joining.  The Advance class is from 1 to 3PM, that’s Monday to Friday.

For particulars about Cebu ELITE Camp, call Cebu Coliseum at 255-8919 or 255-1405  or at cell phone numbers 0997-5370-585 or 0923-1493-545

I would also recommend Edsel Vallena’s SirLitz One-on-One Basketball Training Camp. The training is based San Vicente, Lilo-an. The camp has been in existence since 2000 and it has been proven and tested as has already produced many marquee players including Paul Andres Desiderio, who now plays for the Blackwater Elite in the PBA . But because of its proximity, I would recommend it to the residents of Lilo-an and neighboring towns. Maybe when coach Edsel considers taking his camp back to Cebu City (it’s first venue back in the early 2000s was at the Guadalupe Sports Complex), I’d sign up Deyboi faster than I could say and write his full name.

The training started last March 31, but Coach Edsel is still accepting late registrants. Just get in touch with him through his cell phone numbers 0906-4683-775 and 0943-6068-834. He is also active on Facebook, just send inquiries at OneonOne TrainingCamp any time of the day.

Sunsport Basketball Training Camp of coach Jojo Romarate Teves is at the Sacred Heart Center Basketball courts in D. Jakosalem. Their training starts on April 8 from 8 to 10AM for the Beginners and 10AM to 12noon for the advanced level.

Enrolment is going on. Just inquire at cell nos. 0922-5233-968 or at 0966-2690-167 or landline 345-1015 for details.

Or maybe arm your children with knowledge on how to defend themselves against bullies and lowlifes. Consider Yawyan Ardigma Gym summer clinic at the 4th Floor of Coast Pacific Downtown Center (across UC Main) in Sanciangko St, as your number one option.

Learn arnis/eskrima, fitness boxing, Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), YawYan Ardigma System (kickboxing), YawYan  Combat (self-defense) and  Full-Contact System( practical self-defense) among others. Master Benigno “Ekin” Caniga Jr. will personally supervise the training.

Training schedules are from 9-11AM, 3-5PM, 5-7PM, 7-9PM Mondays to Saturdays.

For more information and details call Master Ekin at 0943-6568-900.

Or you can inquire at the Cebu City Sports Center. They also offer basketball, badminton, swimming, karate, taekwondo, arnis, dance sports, gymnastics, football, table tennis, and boxing lessons.

And if you’re looking for a free of charge training, there’s a Summer Grassroots Training Program of the Cebu City Sports Commission is the right venue for you, absolutely free from any fees.

The program is for kids 6-18 years old, male or female and the training is only in the afternoon. So if you are not available in the morning, this is your kind of program.

It will start on April 10 and will end on May 9 with a culminating activity scheduled on May 10 at the Cebu City Sports Center.

CCSC offers basketball, archery air rifle, arnis, badminton, beach volleyball, boxing, muay thai, dance sports, futsal, karatedo, lawn tennis, Pencak Silat, scrabble, sepak takraw, softball/baseball, table tennis, taekwondo, touch rugby, track and field, volleyball, weightlifting, wushu gymnastics.

The training centers are located at City Central School Quadrangle, and the school gyms in Hipodromo Elementary School, Lahug ES, Mabolo ES, Tejero ES, Zapatera ES, Lahug ES and Talamban ES for the north district and at the gyms of Don Vicente Rama Memorial ES, Pardo ES, Mambaling ES, Labangon ES, Punta Princesa ES, Guadalupe ES, Inayawan ES, Cebu City Sports Institute, Oppra ES and Tisa ES.

Have questions? Just contact the Cebu City Sports Commission at 529-8839 or write it on its Facebook page.

There, I have presented you with some options on how you can get rid of the heckling and bickering of your children. Get them into sports! You’ll never know, they might bring you fortune (did the rags to riches story of Manny Pacquiao or the road menace to a heroine saga of skateboarder Margielyn Didal rings the bell?), or save you from paying tuition fees when they get to college or just keep them from getting into vices like drugs and became a good citizen of this country. /RCM