September 30, 2023


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Dexter MFF10 (15)

Cebu’s fashion designer and hablon advocate showcases new weaves at MFF 10.

Dexter Alazas is consistent in presenting local weaves from Cebu and bringing them to the country’s fashion capital together with top designers at this bi-annual fashion spectacle done every April and October.

Dexter continues to design textile and keeps on innovating our local weaves ever since he started advocating the promotion of the fabric through fashion after it was revived 5 years ago.

This time he had french riviera on his mind, according to Dexter in an interview he somewhat daydreamed of going to Cote d’Azur someday and bring our local weaves to a more global scale always focusing on resort wear clothes that are easy, breezy, and very much wearable tapping into the retail market and slowly upscaling the humble hablon to the mainstream by mixing it with cotton, lace, linen and other contemporary materials to make a very modern. As opposed to the notion that local weaves are just for souvenirs.

Dexter also collaborated with renowned jewelry designer Butch Carungay, who created the coral inspired pieces for his upcoming retail line.
Written by: Warren Zafra

Photos by: Angela Camaquin

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