September 30, 2023


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By Tonton Alcos Antogop


The 14-year-old girl in Danao City who was brutally killed recently and placed inside a septic tank in a public high school sustained 34 wounds. Dr. Benjamin Lara, the Chief of Philippine National Police (PNP) Regional Crime Laboratory said that the manner how Thesa Marie Ygay was killed indicated that the killer was extremely angry.

Autopsy drawing of Ygay

The victim has 13 wounds in the neck and head, 11 incise wounds in her upper extremities, 7 stab wounds in her body, two defense wounds in her left hand and one defense wound in her right hand. “Ang isang theory dyan matindi ang galit ng suspect kaya ganyan karami ang injury,” Lara told iNews.Ph. in the morgue of Pampaguena Funeral Parlor in Barangay Pajac, Lapu-Lapu City where he conducted the autopsy.

Lara said there were deep stab wounds which were enough to have killed the victim already but the perpetrator still continued in inflicting harm. “Marami, yung isa sa chest tumama sa lungs niya, sa left lung, tapos yung isa sa abdomen tinamaan yung mga tinai niya, tapos yung sa neck niya malalalim so tinamaan yung blood vessels in the neck,” Lara said. Ygay who was found dead inside the Cogon Cruz Integrated School last Monday noon was believed to have been killed by Jessie Medequillo, the school security guard, who fled after the incident.

Medequillo was described to have been closed to the victim as the former spent for her schooling since she was nine years old. The forensic doctor sidelined the earlier speculation however that Ygay was pregnant because the victim even had her menstrual period at the time of the incident.

The voters ID of Jessie Medequillo

Lara said they even found an unused napkin inside the clothing of the victim. “It is non-gravid uterus meaning hindi siya buntis mapula yung loob, it appears na nagkakaroon at mayroon siyang hypertrophy sa endometrium baka nag mi mens siya,” Lara explained.

In the autopsy, however, the body which was already in the state of decomposition, the PNP medico-legal officer did not notice any fracture in the skull of the victim and hemorrhage despite the recovery of a bloodied steel pipe in the crime scene. Medequillo, 34, resides in Barangay Tuburan Sur, a mountain village in Danao City but he is not there already after he did not report for work anymore since last Friday.

Another guard who would have replaced Medequillo did not already saw the suspect after he was last seen with the victim. The family of Ygay reported to the police after they noticed some drops of blood in the school’s guard house where they looked for the victim who used to slept there when the suspect would report to work.

Aside from the steel pipe, the police were able to recover a knife, a pick, and rock which have traces of blood. The stench came from the nearby open septic tank prompting them to check it that led to the discovery of the decomposing body of the victim. Initial police investigation revealed that the victim went for a while in Lapu-Lapu City to hide from the suspect but was forced to go back to Danao because she was threatened of harm through text messages if she will not come back.

The victim earlier reported to the police that the suspect would harm her if she will go out with her friends without permission and in fact shove her hair for it last March.

PNP medico legal officer Dr. Benjamin Lara

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