December 8, 2023


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CCSI ring1

Ring baptism. Joselito "David" Mancao (in Red jersey) of 10,000 BC readied himself to receive a punch from Lester Rama (Blue jersey) of Napo, Carcar City in their 26-kgs bout in the Neophytes Tournament of the PSC Monthly Amateur Boxing last Sunday, April 10, 2019 at the Cebu City Sports Institute in Sawang Calero. The 10-year old Mancao, who has more boxing experience scored a unanimous decision over the 9-year old Rama.

Newbies rule CCSI ring!

The Philippine Sports Commission (PSC) has intensified its boxing program with a more comprehensive Monthly Amateur Boxing tournament.
Last Sunday, 34 neophyte boxers took the ring at the Cebu City Sports Institute in Sawang Calero to showcase their skills.
A total of 17 bouts featuring fighters that have zero to five actual ring experiences vied in the one-day tournament that was supervised by ABAP-7 Regional director and PSC consultant Lorenzo “Chao” Sy and PSC Visayas Program Director Nonnie Lopez and former world champion Doddie Boy Penalosa.


Jay Bryan Barricuatro (red) of 10,000 BC was trying to anticipate the next move of Ramil Manguilimotan (blue) of Team Sevs in their 40-kgs weight class bout.
“We are actually holding a series of tournaments this month. On April 21 we will be in Medellin and April 28 in Consolacion. We are hoping that through this program we can encourage more boxing clubs to participate, since we now have more events and not just once a month. This way we can keep your boxers busy and hopefully avoid participating in tournaments that are not sanctioned by ABP and no proper supervision,” Sy told the participants.
Lopez meanwhile hoped that the PSC Monthly boxing program would produce more boxers who will become members of the national team and eventually a medallist in the Olympics.
“Before Cebu boxers are the most feared contingent in any national tournaments, but lately our performance dipped. But with our current program, we are already emerging as the way we are projected. Hopefully, we can find new crops of national athletes from this line-up of inexperienced young boxers,” Lopez added.
Three boxers showed some class above their respective opponents following their Referee Stop Contest (RSC) wins.
Cristy Naquines (blue) land a jab on Phatricia Mae Sumalinog (red) of Team Seva in the Girls 49-kg. weight category bout.


Keith Velez of Napo, Carcar City opened the flood gate after stopping John Mike Torres of Team Flores Boxing at the 1:25 mark of the second round of the 36kgs match; James Navares also of Napo, Carcar City also scored an RSC win on the 1:24 of the first round over James Dabatos of Tangke, Talisay City in the 40kgs weight class; and Elmer Gabutan of the Big Yellow Boxing Club who also scored an RSC win against Walter Jayme of Team Joeric of Mandaue City at the 1:18 mark of the 1st round of the 54kgs weight bout.
Scoring a unanimous decision win were Prince Jake Espina of Team Joeric (25kgs), Xandy Arras of Napo, Carcar City (26kgs), Joselito Mancao of 10,000 BC of Lagtang, Talisay City (26kgs), Jehyan Dayagbil also of Napo-Carcar Team (28kgs), Wynn Cabradilla of 10,000 BC (34kgs), Dave Paredez of 10,000 BC (49kgs), Jed Malinao of Team Pinamungahan (50kgs) and Jay Bryan Barricuatro also of 10,000 BC in the 40kgs weight class.
While winning by split decision victory were Jhammel Arras of Napo-Carcar (20kgs), Gio Erro of Big Yellow Boxing Club (48kgs), Cristy Mae Naquines of 10,000 BC (girls 49kgs), James Carl Senerpinda of Team Pinamungahan (52kgs), and Jake Malinao also of Team Pinamungahan in the 44kgs bout.
Photos by Rommel C. Manlosa

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