August 2, 2021


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Renato Llenes EJC1a


By Tonton Alcos Antogop E X C L U S I V E


1st of 2 Parts
(10 of 20 PAGES)


1. QUESTION: Do you have a counsel to assist you?
(Anaa ka bay abogado nga mo assister (sic) kanimo?

ANSWER: Yes (Oo)

2. Q: Who is your lawyer (Kinsa man imu abogado?
A: He is with me right now, he is Atty. Manuel Tumulak Degollacion Jr. (Uban nako siya karon, si Atty. Manuel Tumulal Degollacion, Jr.)

(At this juncture RENATO AYUPAN LLENES and his counsel Atty. Manuel Tumulak Degollacion, Jr. conferred with each other and expressly gave their consent to proceed the taking of his statement. Hence the following:

3. Q: After you are fully informed and explained of your rights under our Philippine Constitution in relation to your voluntary confession, are you willing to freely and voluntarily give your statements truthfully and that all your statements are true and nothing but the truth only?.(Human ikaw napahibalo ug napasabot sa imong mga katungod nga nalatid sa Batakang Balaud sa Pilipinas kabahin niining imong boluntaryo nga pagsaysay, andam ka ba mohatag sa imong kabobot-on ug boluntaryo nga pagsaysay ugang (sic) tanan nga imong isaysay tinuod ug walay lain kun dili tinuod lamang?)

A. Yes. All will be true statements
(Oo Sir. Ang tanan nako nga isulti tinood lamang.)

4. Q: What is your age, address and other personal circumstances?
(Palihug isulti ang imong pangalan, edad, pinuy-anan, ug uban pa nimong personal nga sirkumstanya (sic)?)

A: I am RENATO PAYUPAN LLENES, 43 years old, male, married, jobless, resident of Sitio Tigcahon, Brgy. Bankal, Lapu-Lapu City.
(Ako si RENATO PAYUPAN LLENES,43 anyos, lalaki, minyo, walay trabaho ug residente sa Sitio Tigcahon, Brgy. Bankal, syudad sa Lapu-Lapu)

5. Q: What is your highest educational attainment? (Unsa ang pinakata-as nga grado imong naabot sa edukasyon?)

A: First year high school student sir
(First year high school sir)

6. Q: Do you know how to speak, read and able to understand English?
(Kabalo kaba nga moesturya ug mubasa ug nakasabot ba ka sa pinulungan nga English?)

A: Yes, a little sir
(Oo, gamay sir)

7. Q: What is your present work/profession?
(Unsa man ang imong trabaho sa pagkakaron?

A: None sir
(Wala sir)

8.Q: Why are you here?
(Ngano naa ka diri?)

The affiant is about to cry in the presence of his counsel (Ang gasaysay padulong na muhilak atubangan sa iyang abogado.)

The affiant contiues (sic) to narrate his involvement in the killing of Christine Lee Silawan.

A: I want to voluntarily confess my involvement in the killing of Christine Lee Silawan.
(Gusto ko nga mo boluntaryo ug kumpisal sa akoa nga kalambigitan sa pagpatay kang Christine Lee Silawan.)

Q: Why so? (Nganu man?)

A: Because I am being haunted by my conscience that I killed Christine Lee
Silawan, and that there was another innocent person who wasarrested (sic) by the National Bureau of Investigation 7 as perpetrator of said crime.
(Tungod kay gitugaw ko sa akong konsensya sa pagpatay nako kang Christine Lee Silawan ug tungod kay ana’ay laing inosente nga tawo nga gidakop sa NBI nga maoy responsable sa pagpatay.)

9. Q: Do you know Christine Lee Silawan personally?
(Nakaila ka ba sa personal ni Christine Lee Silawan?)

A: No sir. I only knew her through facebook sir.
(Nagkaila me (sic) sa Facebook lang sir.)

10: Q: How did you become friend with Christine Lee on facebook?
(Paunsa (sic).man mo nagkaila/nagka amiga ni Christine Lee Silawan sa Facebook?)

A: She sent me a friend request and I confirmed her friend request sir.
(Nag Friend request siya kanako sir unya akong gi confirmed iyang request sir.)

11. Q: What facebook account were you using?.
(Unsa nga account sa Facebook imong gigamit?)

A: I used CJ Diaz facebook account, which is my dummy account.
(Nag gamit ko sa CJ Diaz nga Facebook Account, kani usa ka dummy nga account.)

12: After you became friends.(Christine Lee Silawan) on facebook, what transpired next, if any?
(Human kamo nahimong.amiga ni Christine Lee Silawan sa Facebook, unsa man ang nahitabo sunod, kung naa man?)

A: We chatted each other frequently, until I courted her through facebook messenger and eventually she became my girlfriend.
(Mag-chat ming duha kanunay, hangtud nga gipanguyaban nako siya sa Facebook Messenger ug nahimo gyud kami nga manag-uyab.)

13: Q: You said that, she became your girlfriend through facebook messenger, what transpired next if you can recall?
(Nisulti ka nga nahimo nimo nga uyab si Christine sa Facebook messenger, unsa nahitabo human niadto?)

A: Time comes we agreed to meet at Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish Church, Pajac, Lapu-Lapu City on March 10, 2019 at about 6:00 in the evening, which is our first meeting.
(Naabot sa punto nga nagkasabot me (sic) nga magkita sa Simbahan sa Pajac, Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish Church, Lapu-Lapu City niadtong March 10, 2019 mga alas 6:00 sa hapon, kato mao ang among unang panagkita personal.)

14. Q: Were you able to meet Christine Lee Silawan at Pajac church at about 6:00 in the evening of March 10, 2019?
(Nagkita ba kamo ni Christine Lee Silawan sa Simbahan sa Pajac mga alas 6:00 sa gabie (sic), Marso 10, 2019?

A: When I arrived at the church at around 6:00 o’clock in the evening of March 10, 2019, I looked for her inside the church compound.
(Pag-abot nako sa Simbahan mga alas 6:00 sa hapon niadtong Marso 10, 2019, nangita ko niya sulod sa compound sa simbahan.)

15. Q: Were you able to see her inside the church compound at that time?
(Nakita ba nimo siya sa sulod sa Kumpound (sic) sa Simbahan adtong orasa?

A: Yes sir, I saw her going out of the church in a hurry.
(Oo sir. Nakita nako siya nga gadali ug gawas sa Kumpound (sic) sa Simbahan.)

16. Q: When you see (sic) her, what did you do?
(Pagkakita nimo niya nga gadalimug (sic) gawas sa Simbahan, unsa man imong gibuhat kung naa man gani?)

A: I hurriedly followed her and called her attention “calling her in local vernacular “HOY”.
(Gidali nako siya pag-apas ug gitawag nako siya ug “Hoy”)

17. Q: What was her reaction after calling her “HOY?
(Kadtong naapasan na nimo siya, unsa man ang sunod nga nahitabo, kung naa man?)

A: She did not mind me.
(Wala siya nitagad nako)

18. Q: After that, what did you do next, if any?
(pagkahuman, unsa man emu gibuhat, kung naa man gani?)

A: I hurriedly followed her and introduced myself that I am CJ Diaz.
(gidali nako siya pag apas ug nagpaila ko niya nga ako si CJ Diaz)

19. Q: What was her reaction, if any?
(Unsa man ang iyahang tubag?)

A: She was surprised and uttered, “Tiguwang naman diay ka kuya!
(nakurat siya ug ni engon (sic) tiguwang naman diay ka kuya!)

20. Q: By the way, you said earlier that she was in a hurry, were you able to asked her why she was in a hurry?
(di ba nisulti ka ganiha na gadali siya, napangutana ba nimu siya nganu gadali siya?)

A: Yes sir (uo sir)

21: Q: What was her reply to you?
(unsa man iyang tubag nimo?)

A: She said she was in a hurry to meet her ex-boyfriend.
(Niingon siya nga gadali siya kay mag meet sila sa iyang kanhi uyab.)

22. Q: Were you able to know the name of her ex-Boyfriend that She (sic) mentioned?
(Nahibaloan ba nimu kung kinsa ang ngalan sa iyahang kanhi uyab?)

A: No sir. I did not ask her the name of her ex-boyfriend.
(Wala sir. Wala nako mangutana sa pangalan sa iyang kanhi uyab?)

23. Q: What happened next, if any?
(Unsa man ang sunod nga nahitabo)

A: We were chatting and continued to walk going towards the direction of Datag Maribago until we reached at the passage way going to the vacant lot situated at the back of Pacific Villa Subdivision, Sitio Mahayahay, Pajac, Lapu-Lapu City.
(nag-esturyahay ming duhasamtang (sic) nagpadayon me (sic) sa paglakaw padulong sa direction sa Datag Maribago, hangtod nga naabot me (sic) sa eskina agianan padulong sa bakante nga lote, luyo sa Pacific Villa, Mahayahay, Pajac, siyudad sa Lapu-Lapu.)

24: Q: What were you chatting about?
(Unsa man ang inyong gipanag–esturyahan?)

A: I recounted to her all our conversations on Facebook messenger.
(Ako siyang gisaysayan sa among gipanag esturyahan sa Facebook messenger.)

25. Q: What was her reaction when you recounted to her all your conversations on Facebook messenger?
(Unsa man ang iyang reaksyon sa imong pagsaysay sa inyong gipanag-esturyahan sa Facebook messenger)

A: She was convinced that I am CJ Diaz
(Na konbinser siya nga ako si CJ Diaz)

26.Q: By the way, why were you able to go at the vacant lot situated at the back of Pacific Villa Subdivision, Sitio Mahayahay, Pajac, Lapu-Lapu City?
(Una pa, ngano man nga nahiabot kamo didto sa bakante nga lote, luyo sa Pacific Villa, Mahayahay, Pajac, siyudad sa Lapu-Lapu.)

A: Christine Lee Silawan told me that we will go to the place.
(Si Christine Lee Silawan nihagad nako nga moadto kami didto sa maong lugar.)

27. Q: Were you able to know why Christine Lee knew the place?
(Nahibaloan ba nimo nganong suheto si Christine Lee Silawan sa maong lugar?)

A: She said that she used to be in the place together with her ex-boyfriends.
(Nisulti siya nga kanunay na siya sa maong lugar kay mag adtoan siya didto kuyog sa iyang kanhi mga uyab.)

28. Q: Were you and Christine have eventually reached the vacant lot situatedat (sic) the back of Pacific Villa Subdivision, Sitio Mahayahay, Pajac, Lapu-Lapu City.
(Nahiabot ba gyud kamo ni Christine sa bakante nga lote luyo sa Pacific Villa, Mahayahay, Pajac siyudad sa Lapu-Lapu?)

A: Yes sir
(Oo sir)

29. Q: When you were at the abovementioned place, what transpired if any?
(Kadtong anaa kamo sa maong lugar unsa ang nahitabo didto, kung naa man?

A: We quarreled because I got jealous when I learned that she was supposed to meet her ex-boyfriend.
(Nag-away me (sic) tungod kay nag selos ko pagkahibalo nako nga makigkita unta d i (sic) siya saiyang (sic) kanhi uyab.)

30. Q: You said that you quarreled, what happened next if any?
(Nisulti ka nga nag-away kamo, unsa man ang nahitaho sunod, kung anaa man?

A: In the process of our quarrel, she hit me and I also hit her back and eventually I pulled out the scissors from my pocket and started stabbing her with it to death.
(Sa among panag-away nadapatan ko niya unya nibalos ko ug dapat niya, hangtod nga akong gihulbot ang gunting nga dala gikan sa akong purol ug gidunggab nako siya hangtod nga siya namatay.)

31. Q: Can you recall how many times did you stab Christine Lee Silawan?
(Makahinumdum paka ikapila nimu gidunggab si Christine Lee Silawan?)

A: I stabbed her several times sir. But I cannot remember how many times exactly.
(Gidunggab nako siya sa makadaghan nga higayon pero dili nako mahinumduman kung pila gyud ka higayon.)

32. Q: Why did you stab her?
(Ngano imo man siyang gidunggab?)

A: I stabbed her sir because at that time, I was jealous and under the influenced of illegal drugs (Shabu).
(Gidunggab nako siya sir, tungod kay nag selos ko ug nakagamit ko ug gidiling drugas “shabu” adtong higayona.)

33. Q: Can you remember when was the last time did you use Shabu?
(Makahinumdum pa ka kanus-a ka katapusan nakagamit ug ginadiling drugas/shabu?)

A: It was March 9 and 10, 2019
(March 9 and 10, 2019)

34. Q: Where did you buy the Shabu?
(Asa man ka nipalit ug shabu?)

A: Sitio Mahayahay, Brgy. Bankal, Lapu-Lapu City)

35. Q: From whom?
(Kang kinsa?

A: R_ _ _ y B _ o _
(R _ _ _ y B _ o _)

36. Q: By the way, what were you wearing at the time when you stabbed Christine Lee Silawan to death using a piece of scissors?
(Una pa, unsa man ang imong suot nga bisti adtong higayon nga gidunggab nimo si Christine Lee Silawan hangtod nga siya namatay gamit ang gunting?)

A: I was wearing the same short I am wearing right now, a black shirt, a white ball cap and pair of shoes.
(Nag sul-ob ko ug purol kaning gisul-ob nako karon, itom nga senina, puti nga kalo ug sapatos.)

37. Q: Did you rape Christine Lee Silawan?
(Na rape ba nimo si Christine Lee Silawan?)

A: No Sir. I wanted to rape her but was not able to do so because she was already dead and my penis did not erect because I am under the influence of illegal drugs “Shabu” and I even held my penis and but still no erection.
(Wala sir, gusto nako siya kayat_n pero wala nako nabuhat kay patay naman siya unya ang akong ot_n wala dili mo ot_g kay nakagamit ko ug shabu adtong higayona.)

38. Q: What happened next if any?
(Unsa man ang sunod nga nahitabo?)

A: I peeled off her face using the piece of scissors I used in stabbing her.
(Akong gipanitan ang iyahang nawong gamit ang gunting nga akong gidunggab kaniya.)

39. Q: Why did you peel off the face of Christine Lee Silawan?
(Nganong imo man gipanitan ang nawong ni Christine Lee Silawan?)

A: I peeled her face off so that she will not be identified.
(akong gipanitan iyang nawong para dili siya mailhan.)

40. Q: How did you learn the way in peeling off the face of Christine Lee Silawan?

A: I learned the way in peeling off the face of Christine Lee Silawan thru Facebook and MoMo challenge video and youtube.
(Nakat-on ko sa pagpanit sa nawong ni Christine Lee Silawan pinaagi sa Facebook ug sa MoMo challenge video ug youtube.)

To be continued…

(Note: The Lapu-Lapu City Police Office already filed yesterday the case of murder against Llenes in the city prosecutors office. This extra-judicial confession which was subscribed and sworn into by Assistant Prosecutor Rhett Casino is part of the exhibits of the case.)