September 23, 2021


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National Anti-Poverty Commission secretary and Lead Convenor, Noel Felongco, (Photo by Lilian Mellejor/PNA)


CEBU CITY-The government’s anti-poverty czar tells the Filipino people to ignore the efforts of some sectors seeking to destabilize the administration of President Rodrigo R. Duterte.
National Anti-Poverty Commission (NAPC) Secretary Noel Felongco said that the oust Duterte effort has long been happening since the early days of the Duterte administration but this has never paralyzed its day to day governance.
Felongco said those critical of the administration are primarily those engaged in the illegal drug trade, the criminal groups and some unscrupulous individuals whose shenanigans were greatly affected by the no-nonsense governance of the Duterte administration.
“Kana nga mga balita nabalitaan na man nato na sang una pa even during his first year panglingkod nga ang mga kontra gyud ni Presidente Rodrigo Duterte nagplano na gyud na mapa-panaug siya sa iyang posisyon kay daghan na man gyud na nasagasan kung sa Tagalog pa,” Felongco said in the sidelines of the Local Community Consultation in Cebu Province of NAPC held at the Rajah Park Hotel yesterday.
Felongco said despite the criticisms and black propaganda of the destabilizers, the Duterte administration maintained its high trust rating which meant that the effort to bring down the government never worked.
This means that the majority of the Filipino is supporting the government along with the key component of having a solid backing of Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) and the Philippine National Police (PNP).
“I don’t think nga makatandug na if we see the survey ang trust rating ni Presidente Rodrigo Duterte pwerteng taasa buot ingnon ang katawhan naa gyud sa iyaha ug ang military ug ang polis naa pud sa iyaha so dili ni makatandug.”
Presidential spokesman Atty. Salvador Panelo released a supposed Oust Duterte matrix last Monday which included three media groups and its journalists, the National Union of People’s Lawyers (NUPL) and one alias Bikoy who released an on-line video of the alleged real drug syndicate in the country pinpointing to Presidential son Paolo Duterte as among its leaders.
The young Duterte denied the allegation however pinpointing to a certain J.S. as the uploader the “Bikoy” video whom he described as being involved in rice and sugar smuggling.
Felongco said the NAPC for its part will continue with its job of being the lead convenor in the government’s anti-poverty program.
The Cebu consultation focuses on implementing the Sambayanihan Serbisyong Sambayanan (SSS), one of the three banner programs of NAPC to bring down poverty incidence in the country.
Cebu according to Felongco, best the most populous province in the entire country have the highest poverty magnitude that is why Cebu is a priority area in implementing the NAPC programs.
NAPC has already rolled out earlier its other programs which are aimed at reducing the poverty incidence in the country to only about 14{481076ee53a1fc97de0369f33ed2e92f10b25aa7745daa7b1993dd39620a4254} in 2022 from a previous 21.6{481076ee53a1fc97de0369f33ed2e92f10b25aa7745daa7b1993dd39620a4254} in 2015.
NAPC is aiming to have zero poverty in the Philippines by the year 2040.
SSS program is aimed at addressing the concerns of the urban poor sector and the Informal Settlers Families (ISF). The other programs of NAPC are the creation of the Provincial Consultative Body (PCB) and the Actionable Development Agenda for Poverty Transformation or ADAPT 40/10/10.

The PCB is a convergent consultative mechanism at the provincial level that serves as an avenue for collaboration and coordination between government agencies, primarily the local government units (LGU) and the communities.

The ADAPT 40/10/10 program is aimed at helping poor communities across the country to adapt to the effects of climate change, which has altered not just the natural but also the social climate in the country.

Felongco said the 40/10/10 denotes a list of 40 poorest provinces, 10 poorest municipalities per province, and 10 poorest barangays per municipality as determined based on poverty incidence and magnitude.

Among the attendees of the consultative conference, yesterday was known women’s sector leader Tessie Fernandez of Lihok Filipina Foundation and urban poor leader Vangie Abejo who is seeking a Senate seat in the forthcoming May 2013 midterm polls.