August 4, 2021


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By Tonton Alcos Antogop


The police inspected the alleged operations base of self-confessed drug lord Franz Sabalones in San Fernando town.

They entered the Maria Dominga Farms in Barangay Tabion last Tuesday morning and went to arrest three security guards on duty for allegedly violating the election gun-ban.

Police Regional Director Brigadier General Debold Sinas clarified that they invoked “visitorial powers” and chanced upon on security guards Ramon Bayon, 61, the head guard, Nelson Generalao, 37, and Felipe Degumbis, 62, with expired licenses of their two-shotguns and .38 revolver and some ammunition.

All three belong to Upper-Class Security Agency who was hired by the sister of Sabalones, a certain Maria Dominga, who reportedly had already migrated to Canada.

Sinas explained the operation was not a raid but just an exercise of the visitorial powers of the Firearms and Explosives and Security Agencies and Guards Supervision (FESAGS) as well as of the Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP) who went along with the team of the San Fernando Police Station led by Police Major John Pasquin.


Franz Sabalones (internet picture)

Pasquin was augmented by a crack team from the Regional Intelligence Division (RID), the Provincial Intelligence Branch (PIB) and by no less than the FESAGS chief Police Colonel Christopher Acop.

The operation was conducted after an intelligence report reached the police that the area which was described as “spacious ” has five security posts and was observed to have been frequented by people associated with Sabalones.

Meanwhile, Sinas revealed that not a single member of the immediate family members of Sabalones has come forward to claim the dead body of the self-confessed drug lord.

He said that even the common-law wife and children of Sabalones who was last seen in Minglanilla are not already in their house as well as San Fernando Vice Mayor Fralz Sabalones.

Sinas said the reaction of the family is puzzling the police as it is not common for most Filipinos.

The family members are needed to finally claim the body of Franz as the police needed to extract DNA from them to confirm whether the dead body was that of the self-confessed drug lord.

“Actually mao na ang istorya lagi ngano man walay hangtud karun pila na ka adlaw wala gyuy immediate family. Naay ig-agaw nga layo na kaayo mu-istorya oi mao na ako i-claim na so makatingala pud ka sa atua kadaghanan sa nanga nahitabo kung unsa ang iyang organization naa gyuy muadtong pamilya karun tingala mi nganong wala,” Sinas said.

According to Sinas, his men rounded up the possible places in Cebu where the immediate family members of Sabalones could be staying but the police did not find them.

Sabalones, 41, was shot to death in the head by a lone gunman past midnight last Maundy Thursday in Quezon City as the victim just alighted from his vehicle to watch a billiards game of known world-class Filipino billiards player Dennis Orcullo.

Sabalones has reportedly amassed P350 million assets and properties which are believed to be proceeds of his illegal drugs business that are frozen by the Anti-Money Laundering Council (AMLC) pending their investigation.