August 4, 2021


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Miss Mandaue 2019 Media Choice1

Lorraine Mitzi Abad took (L-R) Lorraine Mitzi Ambrad - 1st runner; Amanda Basnillo - Media's Choice winner and Charlotte Stuck - 2nd runner up.


By Tonton Alcos Antogop


She is barely 17 years old but she bested those who are older than her and won as “Media’s Choice” of the Miss Mandaue 2019 beauty pageant.

Amanda Basnillo, a grade 11 student of the University of Southern Philippines Foundation (USPF) got the approval of most of the all media judges yesterday at the Maayo Hotel when she answered the question on what bothered her most in the country today.

Her answer was the issue of the reimposition of the death penalty which she said is not a guarantee that it will lessen the incidents of crime.

Basnillo who stands 5’9 is from the town of Consolacion said that the death penalty should be reimposed once the judicial system would be strong enough.

“The thing that bothers me most of our country today is that some Filipinos are pushing to bring back the death penalty. All I can say is bringing back death penalty will not lessen crimes, it will only put the innocent, or it will hire the possibility the innocent or weak, the poor, will suffer the consequences of what the powerful and the rich did. I’m not saying that every powerful and rich does a crime and the poor and the weak will suffer from it, what I’m just saying that we could put the innocent in the place where they would die for the crime that the others did. So, if we would want to bring back the death penalty then we have to make sure that our judicial capacity is strong enough to serve the proper justice” the USP student said.

She said winning as the Media’s Choice added confidence in her to win the crown during the actual pageant and coronation night on May 7 dubbed Miss Mandaue 2019-Golden Edition, as the city is celebrating its 50th charter anniversary this year.

Other than the question and answer portion that followed their production number, the candidates also ramped the stage in their swimsuit which served as 50{481076ee53a1fc97de0369f33ed2e92f10b25aa7745daa7b1993dd39620a4254} for the Best in Swimsuit winner during the actual pageant.

Miss Mandaue 2019 Media Choice Awards

Erstwhile, The Freeman reporter and Miss Cebu Press Freedom 2018 Lorraine Mitzi Ambrad took the 1st runner up while Charlotte Stuck was the 2nd runner up.

Reigning Miss Mandaue 2018 Gabrielle Ceniza Carballo hosted the event that was also graced by some local officials of the city.

The others who would vie for the Miss Mandaue 2019 crown are as follows; Aijeleth Borja, Christine Rudolph, Umayma Alrawahi, Julienne Dabon, Jessele Saniel, Angeli Navarro, Karla Lasquite, Lorraine Hann, Kristine Gillamac, Rhean Caruana, R-Jane Lugod, Rica Mae Pitogo and Angel Mae Dakay.

Basnillo who previously won as Miss USPF 2016 and Miss Cesafi 1st runner-up in 2014

“I feel confident than I did before. It feels great to be chosen as the media’s choice