September 23, 2021


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complainst against chan

The cover complaint of the case against Junard Chan in the Ombudsman.


By Tonton Alcos Antogop


LAPU-LAPU CITY- Mayor Paz Radaza accuses Lapu-Lapu Mayoralty bet Junard “Ahong” Chan of engaging in drama to draw public support. Radaza said the recent death of a Chan supporter could be part of it, which she said was the pattern that they knew of him, supported by claims of former allies of Chan who joined them in a presscon yesterday.

A certain Cesar Siaton died in the hospital after he was shot last April 27 prior to the holding of a “pulong-pulong (political rally)” of Chan’s group but the Radaza camp said that the shooting of Siaton is not politically related but Chan just blew it out of proportion.

“Kanang mga ingon ani ni Ahong, anad man gyud na siya sa drama- drama, tan-aw nako, ang nakapait lang duna may guy namatay bati na gyud kaayo. Ug nag-drama lang unta siya ug way tawo nga nakalas okay ra gyud na kay kami sab anad man mi mutan-aw ug sine,” Radaza quipped.

Her nephew, Vice Mayoralty candidate Harry Radaza claimed that Chan is desperate because their rival is deep down in the surveys. “He is desperate because the survey shows, its 65-20-15, in our favor. We are very ahead that what remains in the bottom is him (Chan) and Lando Patalinjug,”

Harry, an incumbent city councilor said in a mix of English and Cebuano in a press conference. “In the last two minutes of the game, kung basket pa ni, sige na lang ni paniko, sige na lang ug panakit kay kita na man nila pildi na, ” the Vice Mayoralty candidate added. Their political group, Team Deretso brought along the former allies of Chan led by former Interior and Local Government Undersecretary Lito Ruiz and former Canjulao Barangay Captain Rufo Bering who exposed the alleged dirty tricks and black propaganda schemes of Chan.

Both claimed an incident prior to the 2010 election where Chan allegedly made a scenario to put the blame on the Radaza’s the strafing of the Canjulao barangay hall by his own henchmen which Ruiz detested but Chan executed. At that time Ruiz and Chan ran against the Radaza couple but lose, Ruiz as a congressman who faced Mayor Radaza’s husband Arturo while Chan then aspired to be Mayor against Paz.

On May 13, Chan will already slug it out with Arturo along with a third candidate, Engr. Rolando Patalinjug. “I really saw him (Chan) when he gave the bullets to his man. I confronted him for it but he said we need to have a scenario to get the people’s sympathy so they really did the strafing,” Ruiz said in Cebuano.

Chan who was asked for reactions by reporters accused Ruiz and Bering to be “binayran (paid)” by the Radaza’s to demolish and malign him. Chan stood path on his allegations that the death of Siaton is politically motivated. He already claimed earlier that his group was harassed and received death threats from the Radaza’s.

Meanwhile, a criminal case of the alleged robbery, grave threats, and coercion were also filed against Chan and two of his alleged bodyguards in the Deputy Ombudsman for the Visayas as the three allegedly harassed a certain Nelson Igot and his companions last April 12 in Barangay Pusok.

Chan who is the incumbent Barangay Captain of Pajo also faced separate administrative charges for the incident. Igot also appeared in the presscon where he narrated how Chan grabbed his cellular phone in the presence of his several bodyguards and deleted his video recording on an alleged confrontation between him and Chan’s group.

Earlier, Chan wanted that Lapu-Lapu be placed under the orange category as Election Watchlist Area (EWAS) but as per the assessment of the joint security control conference yesterday, the city should remain as yellow. An orange category meant that there is a presence of an armed group while yellow indicates an intense political rivalry.

The highest category is red where there is the presence of armed groups and an incident of political violence. Lapu-Lapu City election officer Atty. Reinier Layson presided over the conference attended by Lapu-Lapu City Police Director Colonel Limuel Obon and the top officials from the Armed Forces of the Phillippines (AFP) operating in the city.