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by Master Judith Eugenio


Bazi is a destiny reading system based on the date and time of birth. Decoding your Bazi can lead to clarity in decision making, understanding yourself better, and having a clearer picture of what lies ahead. It can be used to answer questions such as: “Which industry or career should I pursue?”, or “Is this the right person for me?” The Bazi forecasts give you advice on how to best take advantage of the opportunities that surround you: what are the best paths to take? How can you best earn money? Most importantly, how can you best live your life for this month?

The readings below are based on your DAYMASTER, which you can determine by visiting bazi.kevinfoongcg.com. Make sure you have your time and date of birth.

The Bazi Forecast is for MAY 6th to JUN 5th, 2019. To know your DAY MASTER, log in to bazi.kevinfoongcg.com and key in your DATE OF BIRTH and TIME. See fig. 1 as we will base the forecast on your Day Master.

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BAZI FORECASTS, 6th MAY 2019- 6th JUNE 2019

Yang Water Daymaster

Bigger responsibilities will fall on your plate this month. Don’t shrink away. Take that promotion, spearhead the new project — rise to the occasion and take the lead! But do remain humble and vigilant, especially around legal matters. For ladies looking for love, put yourself out there and you just might find it.

Yin Water Daymaster

Stress and accidents on the rise! Lay low and take it slow because May’s energies aren’t on your team. For now, avoid big decisions when you can, and carefully consider them where you can’t. Take a break when you’re overwhelmed and watch your health if you’re feeling poorly. Though, if you’re single and up to mingle, joining social activities shouldn’t be too bad despite the gloomy month.

Yang Wood Daymaster

Your patient work efforts are finally coming to fruition in increased earnings this month, and what better use for it than investing? Research on sound investments and, with May’s energies on your side, someday you could be reaping more than you’ve sown. For the single men out there, seize the day and try your luck with love.

Yin Wood Daymaster

Good surprises from May! Sudden wealth could be lining your pockets soon, perhaps from a hefty commission or generous source. Just spend smartly: money can go as easily as it comes. Consider investment opportunities instead to put that new wealth to work. And for lonesome men, reach out and you might finally find the love you’ve been pining for.

Yang Fire Daymaster

Prepare to grind through your May schedule as it’ll likely fill up with an increased workload, plus potential friction with higher-ups. Don’t panic yet, however — this month’s energies are also boosting your abilities. Just put that advantage hard to work for results even your boss can’t complain about. Regardless, stay humble and respectful despite any strong opinions, especially to sidestep legal trouble.

Yin Fire Daymaster

Your mental prowess is at its peak. Take advantage of that intellectual spark to concoct a fresh business plan or innovative project. You may just churn out your greatest work yet, with potential returns in great profits and a reputation for your ingenuity to boot.

Yang Earth Daymaster

To succeed, it’s as much what you know as who you know, and May looks favorably on network building. Expand your social circle with like-minded people, reach out to good names in your industry. The right person could net you both a reliable partnership and solid profit. Although, some lucky income may also appear outside of work.

Yin Earth Daymaster

May urges you to come out of your shell and connect. Put on your best and go to an event or host your own. It’s the time to reaffirm friendships and rekindle old ones, perhaps spark new ones too. A good impression on good company may open doors. Though, a good time isn’t worth overdoing it. Mind your health; sickness could be just around the corner.

Yang Metal Daymaster

It’s the prime time for you to broaden your horizons and explore a new field, an untouched skill, or even a foreign language. There’s nothing to lose and everything to gain in investing in yourself. But don’t just jump in without a plan; lay it out carefully, negotiate, and know that help is around if you only ask.

Yin Metal Daymaster

Knowledge can come from strange places, and this month encourages you to be adventurous in your learning. Open your mind to unconventional teachers and lessons. A spiritual journey may be your next path. Perhaps the insights you gain is the edge you need to draw more income.


To purchase an in-depth & comprehensive one on one Live or Online Bazi Consultation & the Annual Bazi Personalized Report, one may call 0917 785 6000, send email to info@juditheugenioglobal.com or visit juditheugenioglobal.com/store

Master Judith Eugenio, is a certified Feng Shui and Bazi Destiny consultant. In her passionate pursuit of Feng Shui, she has traveled the world and finding direct tutelage under Master Kevin Foong of Kevin Foong Feng Shui Academy in Singapore, where she is also the Head Instructor Representative for the Philippines. Based in Cebu City, she has honed her practice for over ten years and offers her expertise through Judith Eugenio Global Bazi & Feng Shui Consultancy.

Feng Shui is 33.3{481076ee53a1fc97de0369f33ed2e92f10b25aa7745daa7b1993dd39620a4254} support from the environment. It is never about buying ornaments but all about putting yourself in the right sector or space. It is never difficult to understand Feng Shui, it is just knowing where the energy lies. Flying Star System is Internal Feng Shui.

The advice below is for anyone who does not have proper classical feng shui audit of their house or office. For those that have completed a proper audit done by Master Judith Eugenio, only refer to the inauspicious direction that you should not activate the energy.

How to take measurements

Stand in the center of your house or office using your compass to take a measurement. In the example below, the main door is located in the NORTHEAST sector but facing East. You would need to read what does NORTHEAST energy covers.

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WE ACTIVATE when the energy is positive by using the space, position bed or position desk.

WE AVOID or not trigger the negative energy by drilling activities, knocking with hammer and ground digging. Remove loud sound (energy wave) sources, like televisions or speakers. Do not slam the door and keep the sector quiet and clean at all times.



WEST Main Door Sector

If your main door is in the West, great opportunities will certainly come knocking. Whether it’s your career, wealth, project activation or learning a new skill set, this star will boost your chances of achieving your goals. You only need to pursue and commit. To best tap into this energy, put your work desk in the West sector, be it in your living room or bedroom.

NORTHEAST Main Door Sector

Steer clear of the Northeast, and watch your health closely if your main door is here. Pregnant women, in particular, should take extra care. Don’t brush off any symptoms and make health check-ups a habit, digestive issues and food poisoning being the top things to watch out for. Eat, sleep and exercise properly especially this May. Lingering in your work area’s Northeast sector isn’t advisable either; it may be harder to make progress yet easier to get stressed. The youngest men in the family should be taking the most note as they’ll be the ones most affected.

SOUTH Main Door Sector

It’ll be a heated May if your main door is in the South. Keep your cool as tempers flare during this time; decide logically rather than emotionally. Save yourself the strain at work and simply ignore office politics, though stay wary for backstabbing. There’s a potential for lawsuits, so make a thorough review before signing any documents. For family, make some more effort to be patient, especially with your middle daughters.

NORTH Main Door Sector

Your academic and relationship prospects are looking bright with your main door in the North. It’s highly recommended to place your desk in this sector for students buckling down for exams, and writers looking for a strike of creativity. If you’re single and searching, it’s a great time to find that special someone. Go out and socialize! Otherwise, this prime opportunity will just slip away. Don’t lose yourself chasing that dream love, however. Keep your wits to avoid scandals and escape nosy third parties.

SOUTHWEST Main Door Sector

Avoid this area at all costs. Postpone renovations in this sector and relocate any sources of sound to prevent activating it. If your main door is here — be cautious and vigilant. Its negative energies are stronger than ever, but it’s important not to panic. Take your time making decisions, even more so with finances, and adopt the right attitude. Frequently check your home to ensure its security. Stretch your patience and don’t engage in fights, especially ones that can devolve into legal battles. Seek medical attention if you suspect needing it. The energy at this sector harms women, particularly the mother. No step is worth skipping to safeguard yourself and your family this May.

EAST Main Door Sector

Here lies fame, status, and reputation, especially for the men in the house. If this is your main door—the strong positive energies are activated, even more so if you’re into politics and looking to high positions. Are you eyeing a promotion? The odds move further in your favor. Additionally, there’s potential for Windfall luck and bonus income. Businesses can also tap into this good energy for brand building, expansion, and partner collaboration.

SOUTHEAST Main Door Sector

Tread carefully if your main door is here — avoid the risk. Invest in a security system or other safety measures to guard your home from burglaries. Avoid returning late at night, otherwise, be extremely cautious on your way back, and stay away from sharp objects. For the women of the house, particularly the eldest daughter: keep an eye out for liver issues, especially if there’s already an existing problem. Should your office main door also fall in the Southeast, watch your valuables, avoid friction with colleagues, and be wise to deceptions.

CENTER Of the House

Great news as strong wealth, greater income source, investments, and business luck will surely be passing through. And it’s looking particularly good for those in the real estate business. Extra wealth isn’t worth overworking yourself, however; stress on the job could bring on high blood pressures and kidney problems. Businesses can likewise tap into this star by placing their cash registers there to increase cash flow and collections. And while a water feature could also activate this energy, avoid doing so as water at the center of the house or office is inauspicious.

NORTHWEST Main Door Sector

Opportunities abound should your main door or office reside in the same sector as this very auspicious star. Don’t hesitate to seize them; as a star of the future, acting on it can only mean better things for you. In fact, the odds are looking quite good if you’re pining for a promotion or other job opportunities. Spend time in the Northwest sector if you also want to tap into new things or career options.

3 Negative Directions for 2019 that you need to be careful. No renovation, drilling or ground digging all throughout 2018. If you really need to do renovation, please do seek Feng Shui consultation as not to trigger negative energy




A complete Feng Shui consultation takes into account External Feng Shui Landform and Internal House Feng Shui layout. External landform such as what is outside your house environment. Mountain, land elevation, river, busy crossroad junction, highway, car park, and other factors. House internal layout focuses on the main door facing, your bed location, working desk, stove, and water exit point. All these govern 100{481076ee53a1fc97de0369f33ed2e92f10b25aa7745daa7b1993dd39620a4254} of what affect the feng shui of your house.


For inquiries, one may call 0917 785 6000, send email to info@juditheugenioglobal.com or visit juditheugenioglobal.com

Master Judith Eugenio, is a certified Feng Shui and Bazi Destiny consultant. In her passionate pursuit of Feng Shui, she has traveled the world and finding direct tutelage under Master Kevin Foong of Kevin Foong Feng Shui Academy in Singapore, where she is also the Head Instructor Representative for the Philippines. Based in Cebu City, she has honed her practice for over ten years and offers her expertise through Judith Eugenio Global Bazi & Feng Shui Consultancy.


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