July 25, 2021


News and Information Portal

By Tonton Alcos Antogop


LAPU-LAPU CITY- Appearing for the first time to the media, former Congressman Arturo Radaza declared his fitness to serve once more the Oponganons. He is very confident of victory in taking back his post as City Mayor that he is focusing his campaign on a landslide win of his group, Team Deretso.

He explained that a 15-0 victory will benefit the residents as the delivery of services and implementation of projects will be smooth if there is no opposition. Voting for 15-0 means having his wife, incumbent City Mayor Paz Radaza as Congresswoman and electing all their city slate, Mayor, Vice Mayor and the 12 councilors. “15-0 gusto ko tanan gyud mudaug unya mao ni gaan ang trabaho eksperyensyado man mi pulos (I like all of us to win so that the job would be easy because all of us have experiences),

“Radaza said as he vouched for his council slate which included incumbent Vice Mayor Marcial Ycong, reelectionist city councilors, lawyers, two former ex-officio councilors, among others. His nephew incumbent city councilor Harry Radaza is his running mate. He dismissed speculations that he is not physically fit ribbing reporters and making potshots at his fiercest rival Junard ” Ahong” Chan.

“Hain man ang lig-on namo, ang akong kaon diri barbecue, manok unya beef steak. Ang kang Ahong lugaw, hain man ang lig-on namo, beh? (Who is stronger between us, I am eating here barbecue, chicken and beef steak. Ahong eats porridge, so who is stronger between us?), “Radaza said. As he declared his fitness, he then castigated Chan for creating scenarios, “drama” to draw public attention.

A former police officer before he entered politics, Radaza revealed that Chan along with Presidential Legislative Liaison Office Secretary Adelino Sitoy is falsely accusing his group of harassments and of making death threats. It is just a scenario that their rival is doing to place the city under Comelec control because doing so would benefit Chan’s group, the Team Libre.

Radaza believed that Sitoy will use his influence to pick the policemen that will be augmented once Comelec control will be implemented thus creating trouble in the city. “Gusto gyud niya gyud nga i-Comelec control. Comelec control kay arun kana naang supporter, kanang back-up, buffer, reinforcement sa police ilang mga tawo kang Ade sitoy.

Igsulod niana, gubot na ang Lapu-Lapu (He really wanted Comelec control. Comelec control so that their supporter, their back-up, buffer, reinforcement to the police will be their men. Once it enters, Lapu-Lapu will be in trouble),” the Mayoralty candidate alleged.

With his wife, they categorially deny having a hand in the death of Cesar Siaton, a political supporter of Chan who died in the hospital after being shot last April 27 in Barangay Babag. The Radaza’s wrote to City Police Director Col. Limuel Obon to do an autopsy on Siaton. “Mr. Chan have maliciously referred to the RADAZA’s being involved in the untimely death of the late Mr. Siaton.

We categorically deny any involvement as we condemn this cowardly act. In this light, we humbly request, with due reference to the bereaved family, that medico-legal autopsy be carried out hoping that the same will shed light on this incident,” a portion of their letter to Obon reads.

Team Deretso will have their grand rally tonight in the Mactan Economic Zone (MEZ) open field. Meanwhile, Chairman Nur Misuari is expected to attend today the Visayas Federal Movement conference in Basak Kagudoy gym. Another mayoralty candidate, Engr. Rolando Patalinjug, will serve as host for Misuari who gained prominence as the leader of the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF).