September 19, 2021


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By Tonton Alcos Antogop/PR


An executive assistant of Toledo City Mayor John Henry Osmena allegedly amassed wealth while serving in office. Lawyer Pablo John Garcia in a statement claimed Justin Anthony De Jesus merely had a cell phone and old tv set worth P32, 500 when De Jesus assumed as Executive Assistant 1 in June 2013 but this allegedly ballooned to P13, 905 million in May 2018.

De Jesus who is now promoted as Executive ll is one of those that Garcia wanted to be investigated by the Ombudsman for possible plunder in relation with the P210 million Clean and Green program of the Osmena administration in Toledo City.


The evidence that Garcia had against De Jesus who is said to be “close” to the Mayor is the Statement of Assets Liabilities and Networth (SALN) of the said Toledo City official. Garcia and Osmena are running as Congressman of the Cebu 3rd district on the May 13 elections along with the third candidate, Dr. Geraldine “Gaye” Yapha, the former Mayor of Pinamungajan town.

Below is the statement of Atty. Garcia on the alleged amassed wealth of Mr. De Jesus based on the copies of his SALN: The net worth of Toledo City Mayor John “Sonny” Osmeña’s close aide increased by 42,685 percent in five years while he was promoted from the position of executive assistant I to executive assistant II.

The Sworn Statement of Assets, Liabilities and Net Worth (SALN) of Justin Anthony B. De Jesus, also known as “Pom”, will be one of the documents lawyer Pablo John “PJ” Garcia will submit to the Office of the Ombudsman as evidence in the graft office’s investigation into a possible plunder case in Toledo City involving the use of funds for the Clean and Green Program.

De Jesus, who is one of those Garcia asked the Ombudsman to investigate, started out as executive assistant I with a net worth of P32,500 in June 2013. He declared a cellular phone and a four-year-old TV set as his only assets. By May 2018, he declared a net worth of P13.905 million.

Among his acquisitions were a 10,157-square meter residential lot in Barangay Ibo, Toledo City for P15 million and a Mitsubishi Montero Sport GT for P2.026 million. Both were acquired in 2017, he declared. In addition to P179,816 as cash in the bank, De Jesus’ total assets were P17.205 million.

As liabilities, he declared bank loans totaling P3.3 million. Moreover, De Jesus also declared that in 2016, he became a stockholder of a company called DT Mega Prime Corp. based in Dumaguete City as well as a shareholder of the Havana Resort and Spa Inc. in Ibo, Toledo City in 2018.

De Jesus, together with six other Toledo City officials, were named in the questionable release of P210 million in the second half of 2018 alone supposedly for Clean and Green projects. Documents show that fictitious names and forged signatures were used to support the release of hundreds of millions as approved by Mayor Osmeña.

The Commission on Audit (COA) has started its own investigation into similar releases under the Clean and Green Program in 2017. The six other officials the Ombudsman is now investigating:

• Acting Toledo City Budget Officer Gethsame B. Mahinay

• Acting City Administrator Ferdinand D. Marquez

• City Treasurer Leonardo A. Rivera Jr.

• Toledo City Councilor Marjorie Perales

• Toledo City Councilor Leo Dolino

• Toledo City Councilor Ophelio Dolino, sitting as ex-officio member of the City Council as president of the Association of Barangay Councils.


Reference: PABLO JOHN GARCIA (0918) 818-1688