August 2, 2021


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Midweek of April, I experienced a tragic situation in my life and my business. I cannot understand things within my limited capacity.

Yet, in this season of grieving God impressed upon me that He is greater than I can understand.

In the book of Job, he revealed that:

1. His years cannot be counted.

2. He draws up the water vapor and then distills it into the rain and the rain pours down from the clouds and everyone benefits.

3. Spreads the clouds

4. Rolls forth thunder from heaven.

5. Spreads the lightning and lights up the depths of the sea.

6. Directs the snow to fall on the earth.

7. Tells the rain to pour down.

8. Loads the clouds with moisture and they flash with his lightning.

I cannot even imagine the greatness of His power and His mighty works.

God is incomprehensible and all-powerful; I may not know him completely even if I may have some knowledge about him through his words.

BUT we can never know enough to answer all of life’s questions, to predict our own future, or to manipulate God for our needs.

Life always creates more questions than answers, and we must constantly go to God for fresh insights into life’s dilemma.

In spite of the things I cannot understand, for now, I still have every reason to glorify His mighty works and sing songs of praise.



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