September 25, 2022


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Radaza Team Deretso

Radaza's Team Deretso files complaints against Team Libre of Ahong Chan for stealing electricity used in the lighting of campaign billboards. (photos by Allan Defensor)


By Tonton Alcos Antogop


LAPU-LAPU CITY- The camp of Mayor Paz Radaza here claimed that their rival Junard “Ahong” Chan stole electricity. Their lawyer, Atty. Zandro Ronnie Oriol said Chan will be charged criminally and administratively for allegedly tapping illegally the electrical services intended for Team Deretso in their campaign billboards.

George Rago, the in-charge of the logistical requirements of the group discovered what the Team Libre led by Chan allegedly did involving three billboards situated in Pajo, Mensi area, city hall junction and near the Marcelo Fernan bridge both in Pusok.

“We again discovered that the Team Libre campaign billboards were also illegally tapping the electrical services of Team Deretso campaign billboards. Obviously, the Team Libre billboards were also stealing the Team Deretso’s paid electricity from MECO,” a portion of Rago’s affidavit reads which will support the case of dishonesty, abuse of authority and grave misconduct in the Visayas Ombudsman and Anti-electricity and Electric Transmission Lines/Materials Pilferage Act of 1994 (RA 7832) against Chan.

“Being elected official, he should be the one maintaining the standards of decency and honesty and the rule of law but the fact that he is committing this illegal act is a wrong signal and giving a wrong message to the youth that it is okay to tamper electricity,” Atty. Oriol said in a press conference. Chan, however, denied the allegation when asked as he showed a receipt from the Mactan Electric Company (MECO) regarding their own electricity bill for their billboards.

Ahong Chan

“Wala ko kahibalo ana ug nangabit mig koryente kay unang bahin dili man ka kapasuga ug dili ka mubayad ni MECO. Unya ug dunay kapasiga sa imong suga only MECO,” Chan told reporters.

Atty. Oriol said they reported the matter to MECO after they discovered it last April 17 prompting MECO to disconnect the alleged illegal electrical connection of Team Libre.

Chan’s date in the MECO receipt is later than April 17 which Oriol said could not already remedy Team Libre’s alleged violation. Mayor Radaza for her part criticized Chan as others who would steal electricity are charged and punish so Chan’s action should not be condoned.

“Gusto nato ipakuan sa katawhan kong unsa nga klase nga pagkatawo si Ahong and then matan-aw usab nato maluoy sab ta sa uban gi-charge sa MECO, gi-penalize tungod kay nag-illegal tapping and here comes Ahong gisayon-sayon lang,” the Mayor said.

Another issue that was exposed is the campaign promise of Ahong to allow “flying connection” on electricity to Lapu-Lapu residents which they said is illegal. City councilor Harry Don Radaza, the Vice Mayoralty bet of Deretso said Chan gave an empty promise and thus misled the people.

“Looy kadto pong mga katawhan nga iyang giilad. Iyang gilingla, kahibawo man ta nga dili gyud ni ma-legalize para kanako.” Chan defended his campaign platform however as what he plans to do is also to install sub-meters to consumers after getting the permit from city hall, among others.

He also said that only MECO accredited electrician will do the connection and substandard electrical materials will be disallowed. Flying connections are the extension of electric lines from the house of a registered consumer to another house which is not allowed under the law.

Chan is running for Mayor against former Congressman Arturo Radaza, the husband of Paz, who for herself, will seek the congressional seat of her daughter Aileen.