July 25, 2021


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inews ELECTION WATCH 2019- Magpale

A message from Vice Governor Agnes A. Magpale

14 May 2019


A Grateful Heart We wish to extend our congratulations and well wishes to Governor-elect Gwen Garcia for a successful term as Governor of our beloved Cebu.

Of course, I also congratulate and thank our exceptional running mate, Governor Junjun Davide, for his overwhelming victory as Vice Governor-elect and assured him of our full support throughout his term as Vice Governor and beyond.

Thank you Junjun, Jobel and family for the cherished gift of friendship. The more than 30 years of unblemished and genuine public service, and especially the past 45 days on the campaign trail, have blessed me with invaluable experiences, deeper friendships and meaningful alliances that have enriched my life as a public servant, a friend, a daughter, a mother and a grandmother.

To our remarkable and hardworking people in the Capitol, particularly those who were with me at the beginning of my journey, I cannot thank you enough for your compassion, commitment and dedication to serving the Cebuanos all these years. To all our priceless volunteers, allies, community leaders, supporters and friends, I am truly amazed at your spirit and passion, creativity and selfless work in mounting a formidable campaign.

We fought a good fight and it is with pride and gratitude that I acknowledge and appreciate all that you have done for the cause. And I owe an enormous debt of gratitude to everyone who believed in us and supported us, who were at the forefront of our charge to deliver our promises and more, who stood their ground and fought for what is right and true.

I ask that we stay faithful and committed to the ideals that brought us this far to fully realize our aspirations of a better life for our children and future generations. And to my family – my wellspring of inspiration and joy – you will always be my pillar of strength, my heart’s compass, and my source of pride.

On behalf of my family, thank you for the distinct honor and privilege of serving my beloved Cebuanos.