September 25, 2022


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By Tonton Alcos Antogop


LAPU-LAPU CITY, PHILIPPINES- Mayor-elect Junard “Ahong” Chan had offered his hand of reconciliation with the camp of outgoing Mayor Paz Radaza. “I am offering my reconciliation with them,” Chan who was proclaimed as the winner of the mayoralty race against Radaza’s husband, Arturo, told GMA 7’s Balitang Bisdak News anchor Bobby Nalzaro last Tuesday.

The Radaza couple is not conceding defeat yet though as they hint of something else. “Maayong pagkadala (It was done well),” Arturo said in a press conference. He wondered why he and his wife lost even in their own polling precinct in Mactan Elementary School, even in the barangay itself, considered as their “teritoryo (bailiwick).” Arturo said their group, Team Deretso will have a consensus meeting before they will have their next move.

Pressed by reporters whether they doubt the election results, their campaign manager, incumbent city councilor Harry Don Radaza, Arturo’s running mate, who also lost to  Chan’s mate, Dr. Celedonio Sitoy, echoed the same one-liner, “Maayong Pagkadala.” Harry said they did not expect the upset result as they have 28 of the 30 barangay captains.

They wondered why they just won in three of the barangays, Suba Basbas, Calawisan and Punta Engano. A Team Deretso insider said that the group will consult an analyst in poll election data, IT expert and pollster who can detect electoral fraud using the modern Vote Counting Machines (VCM) that was used in last Monday’synchronized national and local elections.

“We will seek his opinion before we will decide on our course of action,” the source told on condition of anonymity. As Arturo suffered his loss, Paz will assume however as Congresswoman for the city’s lone district while 10 of the 12 city councilors are there allies. Chan won by a margin of 19, 868 getting 85, 976 votes as against Radaza’s 66, 108.