September 23, 2021


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While doing a workshop on the Toolsets in Leadership, I got confronted with the word Foundation as an essential element in Leadership.

And I remember its importance in one small group interactions I recently attended. We were asked to describe our dwelling places. Every participant described in detail (the wall color, furniture, bed size, car park to include a basketball court) all the superficial that we can think about. All of us capitalized on the outer appearance of our houses. No one shared where or how it is being built upon. No one described if it is firm, stable or if it has a strong foundation.

A song I learned in Sunday School played on my mind to build one’s house in a rock and not on a sandy land so if the rain would come, it wouldn’t crumble down. Most often than not, we spend more time, more focus on the outer us. We seldom spend or find time how is the inner you. Or where or to whom the inner you is connected.

In one of John Ortberg’s book, he said: Spend as much time caring for the inner you as you spend on the outer you. However, much time you spend exercising and cleansing and dressing the outer you this week, spend at least that much time exercising and cleansing and dressing the inner you. Pay attention to the rhythms through which you become more loving and alive and resilient.

There is a You in You that no one can touch. That is the aspect that you should pay attention to. Be grateful for the outer you. Come to peace with your body. Rejoice in its strengths. Accept it in its limitations. Be grateful for it. Wash it every once in a while. Let it work hard. Be happy when it gets promoted. BUT remember, it is wasting away.

Make your biggest investment in you that will last. That biggest investment will ONLY last if it is firmly connected to the Rock and not on sandy land. That even trials, disappointments, frustrations, hardships come in your inner you, it won’t crumble right away. And that Rock is God – our sure firm Foundation!

Make God your foundation. You can never be separated from his love./BA





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