September 23, 2021


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WEAR LINEN AND OTHER LIGHT FABRICS. Opt for lightweight, light-colored and loose fitting clothing. Use natural fiber fabrics; cotton, linen and silk work best in absorbing sweat and allow the skin to breathe.

PLAY WITH COLOR AND ACCESSORIES. White and other light colors can keep you cool in the summer. Alternatively, wearing black or other dark colors will absorb radiation and make you hot. Sunglasses should be worn. Wear a well-vented hat to protect your head, face, neck and ears from the sun.

DITCH THE SLEEVES. When dressing business casual, all genders are usually able to wear short sleeves in the summer, and in many workplaces it is considered acceptable.

TRY CAPRIS, SKIRTS, SHORTS, AND SANDALS. Nearly any summer clothing can be dressed up or down, such as adding a blazer to sleeves dress. Even so, workplaces will vary drastically in how acceptable items capris, skirts, shorts, and sandals will be.

WHEN IN DOUBT…ASK! Every workplace will have its own policies on dress codes and attire. Some may require uniforms, others will be entirely casual and even allow T-shirts and flip-flops. Therefore, if you ever wonder if a piece of clothing will be acceptable or not, including those mentioned above, just ask…and preferably before you wear it to work.

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