September 23, 2021


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Torions (4)

Torion Bros. Carlrome and Jimwell Jr., sons of former Red Bull Barako star point guard Jimwell Torion shared the same goal to reach to the height of their father achievements.

In the name of the father

By Rommel C. Manlosa

Having a father who had left a legacy in the sports is a dilemma to their children who aspired to follow his footstep. So much is even expected if that father had “capital letters” attached to his name, in this case, a PBA player. This is the burden Jimwell Jr., and his brother Carlrome Torion of the eventual 2nd District champions Argao Archangels in the Cebu Governor’s Cup 2019 Inter-Cities/Municipalities Basketball Tournament, is trying to overcome while trying to make their own path to basketball apex.
“Dako gyud kaayo ang pressure. Amo gidala ang ngalan sa among papa, especially ako nga Junior ko niya.  Dako gyud kaayo ang expectation sa mga tawo nga maka deliver ko every game,” admitted Jimwell Jr, who preferred to be called Jimboy.They are the son of the former superstar guard of Red Bull Barako, who was famous for his fearless game and quickness both on offense and in defense. To honour their father, Jimboy used the jersey number of Jimwell when he was still with the Barako Bulls – the no.3, while Carlrome wore no.15 which was the number the older Torion used when he was still playing with the Salazar Institute of Technology (SIT) Skyblazers in the defunct Cebu Amateur Athletic Association (CAAA).
Indeed the young Torions wanted to follow Jimwell’s footstep and make a profession out of basketball. “Gusto mi mosunod sa yapak sa among Papa. Mao ning naningkamot gyud mi og maayo aron makaduwa mi og eskwelahan. It doesn’t matter na kon dinhi sa Cebu or sa Manila.” Kay ganahan ko nga mahimong sikat pareha sa akong Papa,” added the younger Carlrome.When their father had a stint as an assistant coach with the Jose Rizal University (JRU) recently, Jimboy trained with Light Bombers while Carlrome played for the school’s 15-under team. However, Jimwell decided to take his family back to Argao where his sons went to school along with their sisters who are still studying.
Aside from their respective training regimens with the school, Jimwell imparted some of his skills to his sons and give them tips to become an effective point guards. “Gi-train mi ni Papa in his free time. Ball handling, dribbling, shooting, defense ug mga basketball tips para mahimong effective nga point guard,” Jimboy elaborated.Aside from the individual skills training the older Torion also emphasized the other facets in the game that are necessary in order to succeed. “Gi-emphasize ni Papa sa amo kanang kinahanglan buo ang loob.
Disiplina sa kaugalingon ug diskarte sa duwa,” stressed Carlrome.However, Jimboy who will turn 19 on September 9 and Carlrome who will be 16 on November 22, disclosed they had a vague memory of their father’s exploits in the PBA. Jimboy was still an infant when Jimwell was elevated to the PBA along with five other players when Red Bull joined the PBA from its stint with the PBL while Carlrome was born when the PBA slapped Jimwell with an eight months suspension as he was tested positive for use of illegal drugs during a random drug testing.
Since then the older Torion’s career spiraled down until he finally ended his short-lived stardom in 2007. Jimwell’s misbehaviors after his PBA days added weights to the burdens that the young Torions are going to rectify while trying to fulfill their dreams.“That was a nightmare sa among pamilya. Mao nang ako ug si Carlrome maningkamot gyud mi aron among ma correct ang mga sayop sa among Papa. Kay ana man gyud nang tawo masayop man gyud. Ako as the oldest son, akong paninguhaon nga akong mabangon iyang ngalan pinaagi ra pod sa basketball.
Kon dili man namo maabot ang iyang naabot pero at least among i-try nga mabangon ang iyang ngalan,” Jimboy revealed.“Ang nakalahi nako sa akong Papa kay mas taas akong  (basketball) IQ compare sa iyaha. Paninguhaon nako nga maabot nako ang iyang naabot, kay gusto nako ma bangon namo ang iyang ngalan. Long road ahead  but kon magtinabangay lang mi ni kuya (Jimboy) amo nang mahimo. Karon among goal is makasulod mi og eskuylahan. Gusto mi madiscover mao nanuwa mi sa Gov’s Cup.
Hopefully our efforts will pay-off kay daghan sad raba kaayo mga players nga naghangad nga mahimo pod nga varsity,” Carlrome quipped.Jimboy showed a semblance of Jimwell’s game. He has the “Tora-Tora” moves of his father that endeared Jimwell Sr. to the basketball fans around the country while Carlrome undoubtedly loaded huge heart, have composure and poise and own a pair of deadly shooting hands stuffed inside a growing teenage lean frame.